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iTunes Metal Look and Feel

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by gamestriker, Dec 18, 2005.

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    I noticed that the program Awaken from Embraceware now has the iTunes Metal Look and Feel (if picked up on it, I'm originally a Java Swing programmer :p ). I wanted to know how I could use that with my own Cocoa (with Objective-C, not Java) apps.

    I appreciate the help.
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    Open your .nib file in Interface Builder, and check the setting for "Has texture" in the Inspector window for your Window.
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    Not quite. iTunes does not use a standard metal window. See this blog entry for an example of how to do it.
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    Has Apple said anything about adding iTunes Metal into IB/Xcode? I'd like to have that option.
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    Nope, but I bet come Leopard we'll see something.
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    Yes, I have a feeling that Finder will get the new iTunes Metal (or Polished Metal) look in Leopard. I don't know about the rest of Apple's Apps though (i.e. iLife, Safari, iCal, iSync, etc etc). Makes you wonder...
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    The thing about Apple is that they rarely use the standard UI look and feel in their programs - they do an awful lot of custom stuff. Some of this does percolate down to xcode and IB but if you want your apps to look like apple's then you're going to have to do it yourself with a lot of custom UI classes.

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