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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dmusicman385, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Ok quick question. I noticed some movies on iTunes are available for HD download, and some do not have that option. I downloaded Sherlock Holmes and it did not say HD was available. When I played it on my TV via mirroring from my macbook pro and apple tv, it came out HD quality. If it doesnt offer the option for SD or HD, is it automatically HD?
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    if it doesn't have the "HD" logo next to it in the store then it isn't HD, and it will be SD.

    what makes you think that it is HD when you played it via mirroring? you are most likely just seeing some upscaling by the TV.
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    on my tv, its usually very easy to tell the difference. Maybe it does upscale I have no idea. Thanks for the input.

    also, any idea why some movies are not offered HD (such as The Hangover 2)?
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    the rights owners decide what is made available.
    only they will know why they come up with the crazy decisions on what is released - most likely though to maximize blu-ray sales.
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    makes sense i guess financially, but now they get no sales from me as I do not buy physical media anymore for tv/movies/music.
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    did you buy or rent?
    you might find they are only available in HD if you rent on the appletv.

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