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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by billabong, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Has anyone found a way to pull artwork from the iTunes movies? We used to be able to get this hi-res artwork to tag our personal collections. But they have since fixed this. Now with all studios on board, there is artwork for just about any movie. It would be really nice to find a workaround this one.
    it used to work here, but not anymore... come on someone must know what to do.
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    I just get the artwork from Amazon. Looks good enough for me.
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    Google images is also a good shot.
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    I know hot to get amazon and good images one. I'm talking about the hi-res best quality poster within itunes. They used to be so easy to get now it's blocked. They are very hi-res, with not tagging or anything. If we could figure out where they are stored again that would be sweet.
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    Not the answer you want, but I download the original movie posters from
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    Google image search. I always try search term "allposters MOIVE TITLE HERE" for decent images first. Then if they don't have it I just search by movie title.
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    Yeah I get them from impa too... They have some great quality posters. But it really would be nice to get the hi-res art from iTunes... Someone must have some skills at figuring this out.
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    Where can i find the posters for the Pixar Shorts? I haven't found a single one, exept One Man Band, Boundin, Lifted and For the birds. Where can i find the others??
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    I love this site. Have an entire folder of artwork for movies I own (or want to own), and someday when funding permits a TB drive, I'll be ripping all my movies to my hard drive and metax tagging them. *dreamy sigh* That'll be the day.
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    MetaX, i got it yesterday and LOVE it
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    We should start a thread where we share artwork from movies we have rented. Seeing as it's blocked, and until someone figures out how to access the art like we used to be able to. We should just all share. Anyone rented Pirates 3? I'm looking for hi-res art for that.
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    You can go here to find all the available artwork. It gives you a regular size view, and if hi-res is available it'll show a green plus sign on the right. Enjoy!
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    Thanks, I've used that site many times before...

    I'm talking about the artwork from iTunes, the posters on there are extremely HQ about 3mb each. I'm just picky...
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    Here is an example between a hi-res movie poster from impa and hi-res artwork from iTunes... As you can see the itunes copy is much cleaner, they don't put credits on them or review quotes.

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    I don't know which I prefer. The itunes one is obviously of a higher quality, but I like having the actual "poster" that was displayed for the movie. If I could get the iTunes ones I'd probably use those, and then just save the posters in a separate folder like I do now.

    I'm really interested in doing this for seasons of TV shows. Now that iTunes breaks shows up by season, I hate seeing the same artwork over and over for shows I have multiple seasons of.
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    quick question regarding 'front row',

    when scrolling through movies i know the artwork is displayed on the left but is it possible to have some details underneath it (cast, year, plot review)? also are movies displayed alphabetically?
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    Yes, you can add cast, credit, review, etc type information to an mp4 file using programs such as MetaX (for Mac) or one of the AtomicParsley implementations for Windows. Do a little search on MP4 tagging and you'll find plenty of solutions.
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    If you go to my thread for iTunes official artwork
    found here: iTunes Official Artwork - Movies, TV Shows and Short Films

    there's a big list of shortfilm artwork at the bottom.
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    I had no idea the green plus sign meant it was high rez. Thanks!
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    There is a way to share our information, goto, it gives you 5Gb of espace. That way we can share all sorts, I will soon be creating a website (I know theres others) which will have all my scanned CD's/ Vinyl & DVD artwork on. Not sure on the legalities on this but as the art work downloaded is not very good & hard to find I thought this would be a good start to help out the community who rip there owned versions of the digital media?

    until this site is done, we could all use

    Hope this helps?
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    I use google and wikipedia

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