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iTunes Movie Bundles Sale

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Cinephi1e, Aug 19, 2013.

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    iTunes is not generally the best deal in HD movies, but this particular sale is a very good deal if you buy the whole bundle. Here are some HD examples:

    Jurassic Park, 3 movies, $20
    Harry Potter Complete, 8 movies, $60
    Star Trek, 10 movies, $50
    Scarface & Casino, $13
    and many more......

    Of course the best price is only if you buy the whole bundle, but even if you buy only one movie the price is $10 each which is not bad for a HD movie.

    This has been running for a week and I don't know how much longer it will last, so if you are interested please move fast.
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    You are late to the party :D. When the movie bundle sale first came out, the prices were considerably cheaper (The complete Harry Potter (all eight movies) in HD was $9.99).
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    Wow, I am late! Didn't know they could go that low.
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    It was a mistake in the iTunes store but many people got it at that price. :D.
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    A cool one this week for those that don't own the 2009 Star Trek. Is getting both Into Darkness and 2009 for $25 in HD.

    Not a bad deal at all
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    was the new one good? i wasn't going to buy it until i saw an unofficial copy first
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    Anonymous Freak

    Picked up the Star Trek series. I had owned 2-4 previously in non-HD form, so $50 was worth it just for the even numbered movies in HD.
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    In Australia they got diehard 1&2 and diehard 3&4 bundles for 18 bucks which I decided to grab.
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    I also bought the Star Trek 1-10 bundle at $49.99 and today, the 2 new Star Trek Movies for $24.99. I had to delete some movies off my 250GB stock hard drive. Perhaps that money should have gone towards a bigger hard drive...
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    It depends on what you like.JJ went more in the direction of nonstop action movie with this one.I was also disappointed that it was a retelling of Wrath of Kahn(with many changes),which was a sequel of a TV episode.A few pivotal lines were copied verbatim from "Wrath".In the theater I said"I can't believe they are going to do this"out loud,and then they did.
    On the plus side,lots of good humor,McCoy is great,spectacular effects(but everything has that now),and plenty of action.
    Depending on how you feel about Trek it can be a lot of fun.
    I found it too long,packed with tedious boring drawn out action sequences,and in general a step down from the last one.
    Benedict Cumberbatch was really good too.Peter Weller was wasted.
    I'd rent first then buy if you like it.

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