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iTunes Music Store Going Live in Russia and Turkey

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 3, 2012.

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    In line with reports of an Apple media event in Moscow tomorrow where the company has been rumored to be officially introducing the iTunes Music Store for Russia, it now appears that the store has started to go live in both Russia and Turkey.

    iTunes Music Store live in Russia (left) and Turkey (right)
    With the iPhone 5 set to launch in both countries on December 14, Apple also looks to be interested in expanding its hardware and content sales in the countries in a variety of ways. Apple is already hiring for future retail stores in Turkey, and the company has reportedly been looking to begin direct sales in Russia, bypassing distributors and potentially looking at opening its own retail stores in the country in the future.

    Article Link: iTunes Music Store Going Live in Russia and Turkey
  2. djemyoudjel, Dec 3, 2012
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    This is one of those days I have been waiting...

    At the end, we are getting three Apple Stores and iTunes Music Store Turkey is launching. Cheers! :)


    And I can confirm it's available right now on my Mac. So far only the main page is working well, songs are not listed but it's officially not out yet :)

    And movie store seems to be launching as well however the book store doesn't seem to be launching.

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    More money into Apple's gigantic wallet :D
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    0,89 TL ? Seriously? That's 38 euro cents.
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    Will they have Gangham Style in their store? :D
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    Great! Now everybody can get their own copy of Pu$$y Riot!
  7. aliensporebomb, Dec 3, 2012
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    That means people in Turkey can finally buy my recording? Or Russia too?


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    iTunes Music Store (Russia) - 15 p.
    iTunes Music Store (USA) - $1.29
    15 rubles ≈ $0.49 :eek:
  9. g-7
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    That's quite a difference. I have to pay 0,99€ here. If I lived in Turkey, I would have two songs for that, almost three in fact.

    Time to move...? ;)
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    The USA's GDP per capita is over double that of Turkey and Russia's - so the pricing isn't bad.
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    Apple is slowpoke ;-)

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    Apple... Y U no make apple retail store in Portugal?????????? :mad:
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    Actually, we have 2 more stores here in Turkey.TTnet Muzik and Turkcell Muzik. Prices are higher in iTunes. For TTnet, if you subscribe 3tl / month you will get 100 songs. But libraries just suck. Bu for iTunes, Prices are soo great for printed versions of dvds / blurays and music.
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    Yes tuga friend,

    10 million people,
    80% earn 500 or less per month,
    iPhone is sold at 699 and up,
    Samsung commercials and phones everywhere (low cost).

    I see a lot of Apple products at FEUP and other universities, but overall? I don't think Apple sees it as worth it when they have much more important cities and countries to open stores, like china.
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    Motha Russia
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    In Russia, music listen to YOU!

    (sorry, couldn't resist... :D )
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    What about Vatican City?
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    Finally!! Can't get it to open from my Mac though. It has opened on my iPhone and i bought the first song ever. :) i have been waiting for this day since the day i got my first iPod and learnt that there was a store. And now we wait for the actual store...

    Thanks for finally investing here Apple! You will not regret.

    BTW 0.89 TL isn't really that cheap. People are so used to piracy here, hoping iTunes to get popular and kill that low quality stuff but people might say why buy when i can torrent it.

    Hope not.

    Also i want a TV Shows section and a movie section with large database.

    Really happy!
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    I wonder if someday Apple will open a retail store in Mexico...
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    It's always so nice to hear excitement from people who are as interested as technology as we all are, and actually appreciate it as the blessing it is by getting access to it for the first time. I hope that people will wait a few more hours before they start complaining about their inane problems here in the USA again, and take note of the tone of this post. :apple: :)
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    Drunken Master

    Speaking if which, we still don't have a store in Taiwan and I see a million Apple products a day here. I'm not flying to Hong Kong to visit the Apple store.
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    Well it's all nice and good but the music catalogue is extremely limited for now. I can't find anything I listen to.
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    And ofc they get iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud as well. Grrr, now even Russia and Turkey have it without the Nordic having it.
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    Um I am surprised no one has reported this in, but in addition to Russia and Turkey, the iTunes music and film store is live in India as well, including the iTunes Match service.

    Songs are Rs. 12 per song
    iTunes Match is Rs 1,200 per year

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