iTunes Music Store Has Sold 20 Million Songs

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    CNet reports on the iHollywood Forum's Music 2.0 conference that took place on Monday.

    According to the article, Apple's is up to 20 Million songs sold via the iTunes Music Store. (Apple was at 13 million songs as of October 16th.) Peter Lowe, Apple's Director of Marketing, also reported that 45% of songs from iTunes have been in the form of albums.

    Some interesting statistics from the NPD Group showed that the average iTunes customer bought 49 songs during the first four months of the iTunes Music Store's operation, which comes out to twice the purchasing pattern of the average teenager over the same time period.

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    Happy to add to those stats. I've purchased about thirty songs, just tonight (I love the new gift certificate plan - they were all on a b-day present). I figure I have purchased over 125 tracks, total. Maybe 150. Apple might really have a shot at hitting 100mill... keep your fingers crossed.

    How many total tracks have other MR users purchased?


    edit: typo in the original article... "According to the article, Apple's is up"
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    is this below or above their goal??
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    Twenty million is a great stat, but it doesn't say anything about how many are on each platform. I'm curious how this will jump when the advertising from Pepsi and Macdonalds (?) kicks in.

    Oh, and I loved this quote:

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    Wow, this is great! Yay for Apple Computer.
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    so the contract with Pepsi will represent equivalent of 3 years iTMS activity!!!!!
    really good Apple
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    That's about 1 million songs a week (7 weeks until now, 7,000,000 songs sold in that period of time). So it seems like the iTMS is getting more popular, probably because of the PC version being released (IIRC, it was at about a 600,000 song per week rate before iTunes for PC came out).
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    I am betting that the trand line is going to keep curving up as PC users catch on to ITMS. The big rush is going to come after the planned ad blitzes and giveaways from McDs and Pepsi .... this is gonna be good.
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    apple's goal was 100million in the first year

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    Them's Fighting words. One may argue that apple customers have a lower technological sophistication than x86 users, hence their computers only come pre constructed, with everything already installed ready to used. No computing knowlege required. Apple could gain significant market share by sell in barebone, headless systems, (2 or 1 procs, 1 case and a motherboard) thus not pricing themselves out of the mass market.

    However, Well done to the ITMS, even though when it comes to Australia, I won't touch it with a 40ft pole. (Big fan, of free downloads and Real CD's)
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    Technological sophistacation is different than "look my schick car (computer) mate, 10" exhaust witsch can go from 1 to a hundread in schix scheconds, and my scheck schtereo by kenwood is scha schitz" crowd my friend, but then again people of Adelaide probably is a bit behind ;o)

    Be able to tinker you comfuser does not mean you are technological sophisticated, it's the quiet opposite.
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    One could argue that indeed, but as a PC WinXP owner an Mac operator myself I would say that your statement is probably untrue.

    I have a pretty good working knowledge of Apple from a production point of view and a home user PC from a hobbyist point of view although I wouldnt say that I could build my own PC.

    I would have to say that computer user knowledge for the individual would come down to that respective individuals own desire to learn about either operating system .

    This is not based on whether one is pre installed or easier to use than the other. I converted over to Mac in 2000 when studying graphic design while still owning a PC running win98.

    I found the learning experince challenging to learn the OS 9 operating system and found that I also prefered the OS9 system compared to Win 98. I have since used OS10.2 in a production set up after getting familiar with it and found that it is the system I would prefer to use.

    I havent had a chance to Use Panther yet. It is not necessarily faster but I prefer it all round as a more stable operating system and just a preference from a user point of view.
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    Brave words form a person who keeps their location un-disclosed.
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    Re: iTunes Music Store Has Sold 20 Million Songs

    Roll on iTMS for Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the world!
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    This is great! Glad to know I was a part of it :)
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    Analog Kid

    I see two distinct sets of users-- those who don't want to know what's under the hood and just want a solution that works and is easy to understand and those who have the technical sophistication to appreciate good execution.

    I suspect the article was referring to the folks who have a digital camera and other gadgets and use the Mac because it brings them all together. "Tinkerers" are a different set.

    I think the reason iTMS has been successful is because it works smoothly, and those who are considered "technically sophisticated" because they have lots of electronic gadgets like iPods can feed their cravings without having to fight the technology.
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    40 foot pole god god..

    good to see some info on what is happening bring on the roll out around the globe
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    SJ has never been quoted as saying how many downloads they expect. Please provide a link to this statement or statements. I've listened to every anaylist webcast and Apple has never given ANY indication of how many downloads they expect. They never give sales predictions for any of their products, ever.
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    Adelaide isn't behind at all. It's "the city of churches" :p

    Obviously people who custom build their pcs have good hardware knowledge, but my guess is only a small percentage of users do that.
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    Steve Jobs trolling during the Windows iTunes announcement, in fact ;)

    At this rate, they need to pick it up to hit 100 million in a year, but with advertising campaigns coming up, who knows.
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    Nice come-back champ ;)

    not really, building a PC is pretty easy, you can do it in half-an-hour if you have all the parts and a few screws - motherboard, processor, video card, network card, HD, CD/DVD drive, Ram, and a few cables which you just hook-up the connectors to the motherboard - if anyone think that's techological sophisticated, he or she has never built one or a idiot who think it's rocket science - which fits my "schick (sick)" analogy pretty well
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    Yeah, sales are going to slow now that everyone and his mother is opening a music store. But the market will thin out by this time next year and THEN it will be interesting to see who's still standing and who's in the lead.
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    i think those numbers are very impressive. i am still waiting for it to come to europe.
    then i will get an i-pod and download 147 songs which are on my wanted-list currently.
    bring it on apple
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    Here's a question, how many has Napster and Musicmatch sold?

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