iTunes Music Store Outage on Sept 21

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Apple Discussions contains a notice that Apple's iTunes Music Store will be unavailable on Sunday, September 21, 2003 from midnight to 2:30AM PDT.
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    page 2 for uncertain significance.

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    of course kazaa has outages too...

    oh...maybe it doesn't.
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    Interesting. I wonder why they're taking it down...?
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    That's OK.......

    I won't be awake....... :D
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    Is there anyway I can justify this to mean that iTMS for Windows/Europe is coming soon?
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    Probaly just regular updating or just uploading of a bunch of music or something bigger ( itunes windows)?
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    maybe its just standard server maintenance?
    it could be to switch it to a bigger server for al the windows and IK users:)
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    LOL, your funny.

    iTunes outside the US borders this decade?

    No chance

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    I would imagine they're using clusters of computers to handle the demand. This could mean that extra bandwidth is being installed for the WiTMS. One never knows.
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    This is probably to switch to the G5 version of their Xserves. ;)

    PS. I hope they don't announce a G5-based Xserve until they can finally catch up to all the demand for the dual G5s. Nothing like putting additional strain on a very short supply.
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    Oh wow... I'm surprised something this insignificant would even be posted... and it sure does generate quite a bit of "what ifs..." and "probably"'s...

    Everybody has these little outages... nothing to get excited or sad about, I promise.
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    It's either routine maintenance, or they are doing some load-testing for the Windows version... ;)

  14. arn
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    that's what Page 2 is for... ;)

    it's also a heads up for anyone wanting to buy a song sunday night. :)

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    c'mon dog, it's gotta happen....

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    They're taking it down 'cause they're releasing G5 iBooks.
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    the start of iTMS for windows perhaps...

    the thought leaves all of us still stuck on the pc rather giddy
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    they're probably planning to post a large backlog of music from the independent labels; a lot of files, and a potential change to the iTMS interface (the "indie" category) might warrant a brief service outage..
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    I only heard about it being "taken down" during the development stage once and that was for a pretty major change to the way the authorization functions worked. My guess would be for something involved with the authentication functions of the Windows version being developed.

    Just for clarification, I was not involved or had any knowledge of the iTunes Music Store during development, and I don't have any now (including inside info about this planned outage), all my info is from discussions with a couple of key players since the launch. And no, they wouldn't tell me anything about this even if I asked, which I won't.
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    So what I want to know is if Windows iTunes will become the new official playlist manager for Windows iPods. I would assume so, but maybe Windows iTunes will not be fully featured and will only be a front for the music store.
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    The latter would be rather pointless. Since these protected AACs can only be read by iTunes (and the Quicktime Player, but that's no real music app) still using Musicmatch Jukebox would mean that you have to use one app (iTunes) for downloading and playing, and another (Musicmatch) only for your iPod. And I do think that Apple doesn't get this Musicmatch thing for free, so it would be in any case more sensible to use Windows-iTunes for the Windows-iPod.
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    As someone who tries to spend as much time with the Mac as possible, but still uses PCs for quite a lot of time, a full-featured iTunes for Windows would be a blessing!

    Nothing comes close on Windows. The thought of having consistency between the Mac and PC for this is really exciting.

    I wonder how many Windows users without an iPod of interest in the iTMS will buy/download iTunes simply as an MP3 player/organiser? Being in the UK, iTMS isn't an option for me, and I've no intention of bothering to put Firewire in my PC for the iPod .... but I'd still probably get iTunes for Windows, purely on its own merit.
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    Oh please!!!

    Man, what is with you people?! The G5 is too hot for the iBook. The PowerMac has 9 fans. A G5 iBook isn't going to happen!!!

    Yes, this was all a joke. I still can't get over the 8 pages of "G5 PB is/is not possible" flames before the expo.

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    Apple's been in the process of converting all of their AAC's into Windows Media Player 9 files. The outage is to make the actual switch ;)
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    Weird though. You'd think if there was scheduled maintenance, or server upgrade or something along those lines that apple would post the reason for the shutdown. Definetly a conspiracy theory generator. I hope its something good.

    And I was all set to buy a ton of music this sunday night only....

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