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iTunes phone won't connect to mac, Color iPod Minis, 2GB iPod Shuffle

Discussion in 'iPod' started by vd0t, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    Haven't seen this one posted up here yet. Just saw this over at ThinkSecret.

    Read the whole article here:

    Update: Sorry for the confusion. I changed the title. I guess I should read a little more carefully next time :rolleyes: So yes, it seems like it WILL connect to a mac and can also download off the Cingular network. In my defense, the "not" really caught my eye!

    Update 2: The title didn't change on the main page. Can one of the mods change that please so no one is misinformed. Sorry again.
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    Don't you mean it will connect to the computer ...?
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    Think you misread the blurb about the phone

    It says that it will "not only" connect to the computer, i.e. it will connect to the computer as well as via Cingular.

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    lol so it WILL connect...lets change the name of this post....
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    Sky Blue

    yes it's in the thread relating to the music event.
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    Yeah This is huge news! A 8gb mini for 299?!?! a video iPod! A bump in the regular iPod wow I cant wait untill the 20th!
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    Over the air downloads....hmmm....tempting for some maybe. Probably not for me.

    Twice the price for convenience and to freak out your friends may be worth it once in a while, but not regularly.
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    Assuming that O2 follows Cingular's pricing model - thats £2 a song (about $3.70 :eek: ). Will anyone buy songs at that price? Unlikely. I think most people can wait until they get home and download them for ITMS for 99p. Unless the software prevents you from putting protected AAC files on it, but Apple can't be that stupid no? Unless it's the only way they could make a deal with Cingular. Interesting...
    (OT but from the linked article) And a 2GB shuffle? Thats starting to push the limit at which you can manage without a screen.
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    Isn't it 79p ?
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    Umm yeah :eek: Friday evening after a few beers things get a bit confused :eek:
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    Woo Hoo! Ill take a mini with a color screen thank you very much. Perhaps a new color mini as well? This should be exciting.
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    Something is wrong here

    Something is wrong here. I don't know exactly what, but flash was more expensive than a hard drive per GB last time I checked and color screens are obviously more than black & white. 8GB Flash Color Slim iPod mini for as much as a 20-gigger? Seems far fetched. I'd say at this point we'll see color added and nothing else. Shuffles will be price-dropped. Video iPod a maybe. $2 a song on a cell phone stupid but if it pleases Cingular, then Apple doesn't have any ohter options.
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    Wait does this mean smaller minis?
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    iPod Mini's use CompactFlash (well, sorta...) hard drives. They do NOT currently use flash memory. I doubt even Apple would be able to get enough of a discount on flash memory to put two 4GB modules in a $300 piece of equipment.
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    I mean... if this is a good PHONE above all and then it has cool music features with it, that would be awesome. Let's just make sure it is still a good phone.

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