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iTunes playlists don't appear on my ipod!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ilusyonada, Jan 13, 2006.

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    What gives? Please help!
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    some of my photo's don't appear on my ipod but appear in iphoto....
    They apple genius says it might be corrupt.... :confused:
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    mad jew

    Go to the iPod Preferences within iTunes Preferences and tell us how your iPod is set to sync with your computer. :)
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    I have it on manual settings. Is that what you're talking about, about synching?
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    mad jew

    Yeah, so that means you have to make new playlists on the iPod rather than in your own library. When the iPod is set to manually update, you can think of it as an entirely separate yet detachable library.

    I find the easiest way to do this is select the iPod in iTunes and then add then create a new playlist. Of course, if you're already doing this but they're not syncing then something's wrong. :(
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    I am already doing that... :( It's still just showing the smart playlists. This is so sad! I just got my ipod three days ago and something's already wrong with it? What can I do?
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    Thank you though. I'll try working on it some more.
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    You can drag and drop your playlists from iTunes to your iPod (although not the other way around).
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    mad jew

    Are the playlists showing up under the iPod in iTunes and not syncing or are they flatly not available?

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