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iTunes scientists discover sheep-like downloading

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 15, 2006.

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    what a load of crap

    when i purchase music i think of what i would like to download try and find the correct version of what i want and buy it, if itunes doesnt have that version i got to amazon and itunes looses out because i jus buy the compilation of it
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    This makes sense, and is generally true I would suspect. For example, lets say you hear a song by a new (to you) band and like it. So you go download that track and want to hear more from them to see if they are a one hit wonder or the next big thing.

    I know I look to see what the "Top Artist Downloads" are too see what some of their other 'better' music is. I wouldn't call it sheep like, but I would say it is part of humans unique ability to learn from the experience of others.
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    so this research is saying people buy popular music because its popular :eek:... I mean the artists that top the charts are generally so talented and interesting, THAT *must* be why we buy their music ;)
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    Exactly, if we like it we buy it, if we think its a little bit pants we dont, if it reaches no:1 in the charts its because it is popular and the same ppl will possibly buy it on music store also
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    Orlando Furioso

    give em a break, they are only sociologists pretending to be scientists. <ducks>
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    Hey you two sheep boys! Stop that jibber-jabber!
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    Yes! I'm not sure why this is news, this is the reason why we have blind studies.
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    I would not call it a load of crap at all. I do it quite often. Not necessarily with iTunes but with other things. For example, I have a podXT which is a guitar amp modeler. I go to the Line6 web site and look for custom tones created by other users. The ones I check first are the most popular. Also when looking for some type software on VersionTraker or download.com, I look at the titles that have been download the most.

    Or how about when you are traveling and you are looking for a good restaurant of club. You tend to visit the place that is popular because that's where the people are.

    Just my two cents.
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    I don't know why you're all getting so offended by this. It's not like they singled you out and called you mindless idiots. The pattern they are referring to is true and the whole popular music industry is based on it.
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    This would be a much more interesting story. :D
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    Wow your my hero.......such a strong sense of individuality...you actually know what you want........

    They are not talking about you doofus, they are talking about the vast majority of consumer sheepos who prob just go to itunes main page and see the most downloaded track list and inturn downoad one of those trax as they dont have much of a sense of what they wanto listen to personally anyway.

    You are not in the majority THEY are.....its hardly surprising news as most people don't know what they want until they see something someone else has....:confused:

    Its really kinda sad.
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    Doctor Q

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    What sheep those people are! Shame on them.

    By the way, I'm just posting here because all of you posted here. ;)
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    Since when were sheep expected to register. :mad:
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    The frown adds so much that post!

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    I just thought that it was interesting that it had been studied (in Australia after one too many XXXX's perhaps ;) ) That is why I posted it.
    XXXX is Australian for Beer!:D

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