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iTunes Store becomes gripe central for iPod discontents

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 30, 2006.

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    What is a better place to leave feedback? Right on the store, other users are allowed to see exactly what is going on. Regarding the South Park thing, splitting into Seasons 10A and 10B is a big load of crap. If you purchased all of season 10, you should get it, period. And the games only available on the iPod, what's new? I want my nano to play videos too. If people want the features, they need to pay the price!
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    Analog Kid

    Tough call. I like the fact that people can comment how they wish, but the problem is when people's personal vendettas make it impossible for someone to actually read a review of the product. You don't see people at Target putting yellow stickies on store shelves saying "I bought this and then 2 days later, Target lowered the price. I'm pissed."

    Kudos to Apple for not sweeping the reviews clean. They could have done so simply based on "relevance".
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    I do, at times, find the reviews people leave a bit annoying when I'm browing through the iTunes Store. I think it would be nice if Apple made to where the reviews weren't so "in your face". Maybe an option to disable the reviews or a link to click that would take you to a reviews page. But that's just me.
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    Enjoy your eyes while there good. Can't honestly see myself staring at a nano screen to watch video and I think Apple feels the same way.

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    Sorry, I made my tongue-in-cheek comment rather ambiguous. Video on the nano is worthless. People want new features in old generations. In my opinion, it shouldn't happen.
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    Well, I wouldn't want to watch a movie on that screen, but if I could use a dock/cable to get nano-hosted video into a TV, I might be interested.

    Photos on the nano screen are also kind of silly, but they're available. If it had a video-out capability, however, I might use it instead of my iBook for showing slides to the family.
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    Feed back on a product is awesome, and I like reading other peoples opinions on the product.

    However I honestly don't care what people think about how Distributer A packaged the content before giving it to Apple. Apple has little direct contorl on how things are sold on iTunes (aside from not allowing it to be sold). Also, things I can see with my own eyes (like splitting a season) are obvious, I don't need some reviewer pointing it out and bashing Apple, and really it just gets in the way of real product reviews.

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