iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Songs

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by xUKHCx, Jul 31, 2007.

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    To give it it's proper home

    Backed up by appleinsider

    That is a lot of songs.
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    Thanks for moving this here... My macrumors kept disconnecting for some reason... :confused: ...tis why I posted in the other discussion thread
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    I created this graph using the dates from the Apple Press Releases to see how the iTunes store is growing (and it is growing VERY quickly):

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    iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Songs


    Apple announced today that they have sold over 3 Billion songs through the iTunes store.
    Apple first opened the iTunes store in April of 2003.

    Article Link
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    gee, that's a lot of tracks... ;)
    Keep it up! (mostly with non-dmr... ;):D)
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    That's one song for every couple on the planet :)

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    At the same time, somehow I don't think the record labels will be thanking Apple for preventing x billions of illegal downloads.
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    Eric Lewis


    that didnt take say itunes will pass best buy sooon! to #2
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    Congratulations Apple!!! 1 billion songs in a little over 6 months.

    Now on to serious business. When is the next iTunes contest with an iPod giveaway? It would make a nice announcement/contest - a multi-touch iPod for a multi-billion year.
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    Way to go Apple! The third billion songs in 6 months, the growth is certainly accelerating! :D
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    Yeah, the last contest I can remember is when that guy bought a Coldplay album/song and won 10 iPods, an iMac, and a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Not bad. :p
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    Wow that's allot of music.
    Keep pushing on Apple.
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    Oh give me a break :rolleyes:
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    Eric Lewis


    when will APPLE BE #1? OR EVEN NUMBER 2?
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    Now how about some HD movies Apple? :mad: :)
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    Whoever voted negative, I'd like to hear their reason. Afraid of corporate growth, maybe?
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    Do people reckon the will do another compeition when the 5 Billion Mark is up then every 5 Billion or so thereafter.
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    Add me to that list too!
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    oh yes... lucky bas-coldplay-lover ;)
    Wasn't it for the first billion? Seems like Apple don't even have time to put up contests anymore... sales are growing too fast! :rolleyes::D
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    Yeah and they didn't need the contest to help make sales. The cash is just rolling in now...
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    and people still want to believe apple isn't making money off of itunes.
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    Apple shareholders celebrated this news by selling Apple stocks, causing 3% down.
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    They only opened in 2003, and already are the third largest. That'll learn the incumbents to ignore technology.
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    Here hoping for an iTunes (at least music) Store in Hong Kong.

    They even have songs from Hong Kong artists in the UK, Australia and Japan stores.
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    Thanks for the chart.

    Interesting to note though, that the rate of sales seems to have gone down in the last period, for the first time; up until then it had always been on the increase. (The chart is concave up until the last data point, then convex).

    If the chart is correct, it might suggest iTMS sales are starting to peak?

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