iTunes surpasses RealPlayer

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I'm shocked!
    I can't believe that Realplayer was or has been higher since maybe 2003?!
    I don't know anyone who uses that Junk.

    Or worse media player, theres a piece of crap!
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    I haven't used Realplayer in probably about 5 years. Itunes isn't great (and I probably wouldn't use it if it weren't for the iPod) but Realplayer? Yuck.
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    I'd be surprised if many people use Real by choice - it's often foisted on you pre-installed on some pcs or required for some streaming media.
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    Who uses real player?????
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    (Windows) Media Player is installed by default on all machines (except in the EU) so they'll always have a larger market share.

    I thought the first version of the BBC iPlayer was in a Real format, so perhaps that could explain for some usage.

    Either way, wow. And as for that Amazon note at the bottom, they use MP3's don't they, so any (not sure if real supports it) player would work, but it certainly wouldn't be a disadvantage to iTunes.
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    You can choose to stream BBC website content by either Real or Windows Media. grrrrr

    At least iPlayer doesn't need them
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    Maybe Rhapsody is included in RealPlayer figures?

    I can only guess, but I suspect that the RealPlayer figures have been including those users that subscribe to Rhapsody, like myself.

    Unlike iTunes (a better program to play and manage the library, in my opinion), the Rhapsody solution allows you to download unlimited content to compatible players (non-iPod) as long as you keep refreshing the device once a month (to renew the license).

    I use Rhapsody to try new music out. If I don't like it, no harm, no foul. If I like it then I buy it (typically on CD -- the price for iTunes is rarely competitive), rip it and put it on my iPod Touch.

    Our one account is what I use to feed the kids mp3 players -- their appetite for music is much larger than mine. Given the crap they listen too, I can't expect it would make sense to buy a copy to keep.
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    I'm sure the Real Player was only so common for so long because it probably came pre-installed on most MS Windows PCs.
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    Yeah, that's really surprising. I've never met anyone that uses RealPlayer. They use WMP, iTunes or WinAmp.
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    How did this not happen like 5 years ago?
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    not true, I never seen any pc with real player pre-installed.
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    Somewhat ironically, I had to use RealPlayer to watch the Macworld keynote because QuickTime kept stuttering. I can't be the only person that uses RealPlayer instead of QuickTime's bad (although it's certainly improved) attempts at streaming.

    Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not true, you know :)
    I've seen it first-hand.
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    My PC came with realplayer installed.
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    indeed, does that make
    a true statement then?

    may I ask what brand of pc you have?

    AFAIK, I have gone through quite a few brands, SONY VAIO, Acer Aspire, Acer desktop, Compaq Laptop, HP laptop/Desktop. I didn't see any of them has realplayer preinstalled.
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    Most people I've spoken to on the subject, even the less computer-savvy, wouldn't install RealPlayer on a bet.

    The ones with computer know-how will cite a litany of spyware complaints and impossible-to-uninstall (on PC) stories. The ones with less know-how will have a vague sense that RealPlayer = bad and will hesitate to install it. Myself, a few years back I emailed BBC and told them that I regret that I have to live without their video content, I'm disappointed that they won't supply a format that can be played in different players, but I simply won't install RealPlayer, ever, no matter how compelling their video clip sounds.

    I've been very happy with iTunes though.
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    uninstall is fine, standard process.

    But installation is ugly, it asks users to register, that process is quite unfriendly.

    Im not happy with iTunes on PC, its slow and resource hog.
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    Lord Sam

    Was coming. I'm surprised it hasn't happened earlier.
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    I have to use it for watching video reports on the BBC news website.

    It works well enough so I've no problem in using it.

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    Don't be such a literalist, the meaning of a phrase in context is often different than the exact literally definition of its words letter by letter. I think it was fairly obvious that I didn't literally mean 'most' windows PCs as in 51% or greater, I think it's pretty clear that I meant 'more than enough come with the Real Player pre-installed to have made it more common on people's computers than iTunes.'

    Then again, colloquial English is a rather messy affair, so I guess I can understand how you might've misunderstood the intent of my comment.
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    Similar charges could be levelled at iTunes - it has come pre-installed on some PCs and is pre-installed on all new Macs and is also bundled with the iPod.

    IIRC, it even pop-up up with a mini-store on first start, trying to entice me to sign up to their pay-for (not clearly stated in mini-store window) download service!

    It has been quite challenging to download Quicktime without iTunes from Apple in the past - all those Quicktime streams (e.g. Apple's trailer site) are yet more sneaky ways to get iTunes on to your computer.

    I even put Bonjour for Windows on my PC to connect to my networked printer and, Lo and Behold! That too tried to install Quicktime and iTunes as part of its auto-update process. :eek:

    I am fairly ambivalent towards Real Player - it's not great but I have never had any problems with it and have it installed on all my Macs - but many of the charges laid against it here are also true for iTunes.

    I do wonder how many people would use iTunes if it wasn't for Apple's bundling and packaging policy ... my guess is that most people don't actually care, so long as media just plays.
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    well, then let me say this, I doubt there are more than 5% of pcs out there who have real-player pre-installed. Looking around, there is no big brand pc makers preinstall realplayer at all.
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    Real Player is good for some things, I think it deserves a little less bashing (although the way it takes over PCs is awful)...I used to use it as the best possible way to move music to a Sony MP3 player...
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    The damn BBC forces a significant number of people to use it as part of their "anything but Apple" plan.
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    The thing I have never understood about RealPlayer (both the original audio and the video), is that the quality is so incredibly bad. I've tried many versions of it off and on over the years it's been about and it was always the worst quality audio/video out there compared to any of it's competitors. Yet so many websites use (or at least used) it, it was almost a standard at one point.

    I have never looked into it but I always assumed it was some kind of economic related (scam) thing that made it popular rather than quality. Sort of like Windows itself.

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