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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by gary-d, Aug 2, 2005.

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    hi guys
    can anyone tell me the best way to set up my audio to run itunes through the digidesign hardware?
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    Assuming you're running a recent version of OS X, you should be able to open 'System Preferences', go to 'Sound', look under 'Output' and choose the Mbox from there. All sound output (including iTunes) from the Mac would then be routed through the Mbox.

    If the Mbox is not listed under Output, check your installation. If you still have trouble, is a fine place to read about digi hardware.
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    Thats depends.....

    What Mac OS are you running?
    If you are running 10.2 or 10.3 and NOT using protools, then you can go to: and down load the core audio driver for your OS. The stand-alone core audio drivers are not yet available for Tiger. Then go to system preferences > audio like the other poster said and set audio out to something like (digidesign, or mbox)

    If you are running protools under OS 10.1-10.4, just go to system preferences > audio and set the output to digidesign or mbox.

    My iMac running 10.2 works fine with it, however my Ti PB can not do this as i am running Tiger on it. Hopefully digi will release a stand-alone driver for the non-protools people soon!

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    running Tiger OS 10.4, using protools LE. i selected the mbox in sytm preferences and itunes is running through the digidesign hardware. do i have to open the digi core audio driver everytime before i open itunes?
    thanks for help
    much appreciated.
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    You shouldnt have to, but that does not mean that occasionally you will have to re-select the digi. Why? Well if you boot up with the mbox disconnected, the computer will revert to internal speakers/built-in sound card. My Motu box will do this occasionally for no reason at all (that said, the core audio driver for it is a beta, and somewhat unstable)

    hope all works well for you.

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    thanks cameron. all running smoothly
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    Rock on!

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