iTunes to finally get a more accurate name?

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by shecky, Jan 14, 2008.

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    as someone speculated in the uncovered drape thread, could the whole "air" thing have something more directly related to the increasingly wrongly named iTunes and its function as a central hub for media, shopping and peripheral management? is this the year they finally rename it to something more appropriate? iHub? iAir? iSomethingLessLameThanThoseFirstTwo?
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    Tallest Skil

    Wow. What's wrong with iTunes? Since it's, you know... a music app before anything else?
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    They can't call it AirTunes, they've already used that. I don't think they would rename one of their key applications at version 7 anyways...
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    iTunes is to well known, they won't change the name.
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    itunes is well known for music. but not necessarily for movies and tv shows. now that they're putting a more equal push towards all if those products, maybe it is time to change the name. through apples software update on both mac and on windows systems with iTunes currently installed, all current users will update whether or not the name is new. and a new name will make customers consider what is different about the software previously known as iTunes. with a properly timed name change and a name that more appropriately refers to all the media it holds/sells, a lot of people will stop thinking of iTunes just for music.

    I also believe the new iTunes will add the ability to rip your DVDs, kind of like a Handbrake/Telestream's Drive-In. the new iTunes should be a place to store all of your media, including your physical DVDs just like how iTunes was originally meant to store your music, including your physical CDs. of course DRM would be added to all of your ripped movies, but to be able to view them on your computer, appletv, and iPod/iPhone, it would be worth the DRM.

    i would just suggest that the new iTunes I'm hoping for would need a new name. the time is right.
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    not trying to diss you (previous poster), but you are definitely living a dream world. If anything like that happened, it would be similar to how iTunes' ringtones work. Sure you could put YOUR DVD on the computer, but it would cost an additional $9.99 or something ridiculous. Also, you would need to wait 2+ hours for the DVD to be completely ripped, which is definitely not worth it IMHO.

    Buy indie!
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    I hope they dont!!!
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    Nope. Absurd to suggest it.
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    There wouldn't be anything to gain from changing it, only a few hundred thousand confused people who did not have knowledge of the change and then are left clueless after they upgrade it.
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    Now this is interesting and its something I have thought about a lot. It all comes down to brand identity.

    If you built cars for a living and your company was called iCars, but you then branched out into logging and medical care. iCars would seem a very confusing name for your company and would be detrimental to your brand. A new name that encompasses all your endeavours (Mobile Tree Surgery) would best promote your business from there on in.

    Renaming iTunes would be a very good business move at this time. More exposure and clearer focus.
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    omg! i so don't want them to change the name. I love it. And I love the iTunes logo.
    Anyway, I'm quite sure they would never do that.
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    AIR=Apple Itunes Rentals???

    Do you guys think that AIR could be referring to "Apple Itunes Rentals?
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    hmm... then wouldn't air be in quotes like: There's something in the "air". or A.I.R.?
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    I always liked the name Showtime. It was suggested when Apple announced movies on iTunes.
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    Not everything has to have proper punctuation to stand out and mean something, I mean look at the book "The Road" there is barely any punctuation in that novel but it won the Pulitzer Prize. "air" or A.I.R. woud be too giving.
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    Well Apple might have not wanted to make it that obvious.
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    iTunes is too popular and if they renamed iTunes, they would have to rename the iTunes store, and then every device (iPod Touch and iPhone) that has the wifi iTunes store on it.

    I think this is highly unlikely. People know the name iTunes and most people swear by it.
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    there probally not going to
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    Nero already has an app called Nero Showtime so that's not gonna work
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    You could be on to something...
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    I cant wait till the day is over so people will finally figure out the "air" (plus any text on the bottom of the drape) is a fake addon.
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    If they are to rename iTunes (which they won't) they'll have to pretty much rename everything else.

    iPod? What the hell does that really mean?





    DVD Player? (oh wait... that ones ok i guess)

    People all know exactly what these products do, despite their non intuitive names. I'd say 'iTunes' is one of the apple products that actually does describe what it functions as - a music player first and foremost.
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    Excuse this pompous bit of laughter at how stupid the thought of changing the name of iTunes is:


    Dream on!
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    Too bad this name is already used. It is the name of a premium cable/satellite movie channel in the US. Being that both are in the same "industry" you would never be able to secure the rights to the name.

    Apple is not going to change the name iTunes. They already changed the name of the store from iTunes Music Store to just iTunes Store. They are not going to change the name of the app.
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    Already taken

    Showtime is the name of one of the US cable tv networks.


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