iTunes tops 150 million

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 14, 2004.

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    I wish they'd quit with the milestones. It seems every 10, 20 and 50 million is a milestone to them. The next milestone should have been 250 million, then 500 million... etc.
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    For how many points do we now know the number of tunes sold as of a given date? It would be nice to make a graph to see how the store sales have grown over time.
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    Holy Smokes!! I'm so glad that Apple is having such a success with the music side of their company. Now I hope they use the momentum of iTunes, iPod, and iMac to cash in on getting more switchers. I think this holiday season will be an snowing with iPods and iMacs!
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    What? no prizes for Beth Santisteven?
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    Does anyone know if any other service has gotten close to this??
    150 M... that is a lot!

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    Since MS release their store, Napster is bragging about their intergration into Windows Media Center 2005, and all those new players aiming at the ipod, I think this is good. Apple needs to show they are STILL the leader and they show no signs of slowing down.
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    They have not.

    This is good news. I hope it means AAPL won't fall after today.
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    apple needs to show these milestones, it shows that they are ahead of everyone else still, by quite a bit too i would guess. Now if they werent the top store it would be pointless to have these types of announcements

    keep up the good work Apple and keep selling those iPods!! bring out that 60giger!!!
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    "milestones" are almost completely irrelevant.

    I'd rather hear something about the developement of "songs per day"
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    When did they reach 100 million? Wasn't that in the beginning of July?

    If so, then they are selling at a rate of 0.5 million per day, or 180 million per year.
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    Unified store

    It's just a press release... is that "going too far" ;)

    Also... a pan-EU store--not stores. Nice.
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    Who is in number 2 spot and what are their numbers I wonder?
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    I agree. Free advertising sucks.
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    yeah, no kidding. how dare Apple get more good press.

    for god's sake, there was a RUMOR on the front page of CNN's tech section. i think the fact that iTMS is blowing away competitors is a decent story.
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    Good work Apple. I contributed about 30 songs of that. :D
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    Doctor Q, you sure know how to keep a Mac geek busy for 5 minutes:

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    Take a look at that graph azdude has just made - it shows that the rate of songs sold per given time interval is continuing to increase and increase exponentially!
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    Thanks for that graph Azdude, the acceleration really is fantastic news.

    -Has anyone else in London noticed that the free Metro newspaper has reduced its reporting of Mac/iPod/iTMS-related announcements since it launched its own (crummy-looking, Mac-incompatible) download service?
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    They reached 100 million on July 12. They reached 150 million on October 14. That's 94 or 95 days, depending on what time each day the milestone was reached.

    (50 million songs / 95 days) * 365 days = 192,105,263 songs per year

    You can't round 526,000 to 500,000 and expect to get a very accurate result for a year.

    Also, the calculations are irrelevant. The quote was that people are now purchasing 4 million per week. You can't assume constant purchasing from week to week; obviously the purchase rate has increased.
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    A slightly different view:
    (edit: revised with more points)

    Yes, both peaks are real, it must be spring fever in the northern hemisphere that gets people away from their computers :)

    The numbers:
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    That graph sure looks great, would you mind sharing with us the name of the program that was used to create it?
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    Nice graph azdude !

    Can you show us the graph in the logarithmic scale, if you have time ?
    I'd like to know how far it is exponential... or just is it t^2 or t^3 ?

    Too geeky question, may be.
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    Just Excel 2004... nothing special.
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    And I sold out at $28, what a grear product, maybe should get back in?

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