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iTunes track double ups...

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Falleron, Jun 8, 2003.

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    Ok, I spent the whole of yesterday letting my computer convert my mp3's to aac's. However, iTunes seems to have converted some AAC (already on my computer) to AAC's + therefore I have duplicated in my library. How can I quickly work out which songs have been duplicated????? I have started going through the library, but it will take forever manually. Is there a way to use a smart playlist?
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    You don't compress already compressed files. The soundquality on your music is going to be crap!
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    Thought about that, they seem fine to me though. I need to re-rip my collection. Dont have the time at the moment though.
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    i re-ripped all (or almost all) of my cds. and in my experience, the first of a duplicate song is the .m4a file. and the second one is the .mp3 file.
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    Well, I sorted my library by kind + deleted the mp3's and left the AAC's. However, the problem occured when I found I had duplicates of the AAC's. Think I have manually gone through my entire library now + deleted the duplicates. However, not how sure how accurate I was.
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    Date Modified or Date Created is good also...

    You can hit Apple + 2 and then list as mod/created.
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    If they are both AAC's of the same sound file then they SHOULD be the same size, so just organize your folder according to size and look for files of the exact same size.

    Date created/modified would work too me thinks.

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    Yeah, I just went through looking at song lengths, formats etc + deleted most of the duplicates. Originally, I was wondering if there was an automatic function that would do this for me? However, I have now sorted it out manually.

    Thanks everyone.

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