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iTunes transfering from PC to Mac

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by EJBasile, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Right now I have a Dell Dimension 4550 P4. I am purchasing a Mac and I want to transfer my 320 songs with my 20gb iPod- Can i do that- will it let me put that music on the new computer. Also what is with the deauthorizing thing?

    Thanks to everyone who responds!
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    hey man, congrats on the change over. just put the songs on the hard drive as files by actually dragging your music library into the ipod, then it will work.

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    I did the same thing. I have a Dell desktop and was running itunes for Windows. Then I decided to buy an ibook. I was going to keep the ipod on the Dell since everything was working and syncing properly. Then I saw how everything just seems to work on a Mac. I love it, so I decided to move my iPod to the ibook figuring it was made to work with a Mac so lets keep them in the same family. I was worried it would say something like the ipod is already linked to a pc computer or I would have to wipe the ipod clean and start over. Well anyway I connected the docking station puit the ipod in a presto it started syncing and everything loaded fine. I have no problems I love this ibook.
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    TyleRomeo: then won't I have to go back and re-name evey song? Thanks on the congrats
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    no it will be cool since all the info is conained within the files including album art. If you want to make sure, the is an iTunes library file in your iTunes folder. Copy that also and replace it with the iTunes library file on your mac. That should work. good luck.


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