I've owned the iPod Touch since 2008, and didnt know this feature i found by accident

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by cnev3, Nov 14, 2012.

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    You can use the volume switch for the shutter button, for the camera, which is way easier and accurate than using the on screen shutter button.

    Just found this out by accident. Shoulda found this easier. Duh!!
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    I swear, I didn't know that either until just now.
    Thanks for the tip.
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    I believe this feature was added with iOS 5.
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    It's handy, but not always more accurate as when you press it, there is a higher chance the photo will be blurry. As the device will move.
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    But the 4th gen was released in 2010 not in 2008 right? :)
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    Yep true. Gen 4, the first iTouch with camera built-in released in 2010. And the feature of "volume button as a shutter" was introduced in iOS5 in 2011 if i'm not wrong. :)
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    Yup as others have said- added in iOS 5. It also works on the iPhone and possibly the ipad(not sure as I still have the 1st gen).
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    Huh, somehow I missed that one! Good to know...
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    As others have said, it was added in iOS 5. However, I find photos come out clearer when using the on screen button, as it doesn't cause the device to move as much.

    Yes, it also works on iPad.

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