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iWatch This Year?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by austinguy23, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Does anyone else expect to see an all-out iWatch this year? With Siri, Bluetooth 4.0, etc. it can be one incredible device. Frankly, I find the possibility much more exciting than the upcoming new iPhone debut in Sept.
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    Orange Furball

    You'd get 1 hour battery life with Bluetooth running.
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    You are probably thinking of the older implementations of Bluetooth. The current spec allows for 11+ hours of talk time for tiny Bluetooth headsets already on the market.
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    Orange Furball

    Compare that to the 24 hours of music playback that the Nano usually gets. Apple likes to keep battery life the same through generations.
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    It's almost 2013. I haven't seen anyone with an iPod Nano in the past 2 years.

    Perhaps it won't be called the "iPod Nano", but Apple will unveil a full fledged watch in the next 12 months that integrates well with Siri via Bluetooth. I'm certain of it.
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    Jessica Lares

    Bluetooth is pointless, it doesn't need to work with your phone. It needs to have wifi with Notification Center.
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    i have a wrist strap for my current gen iPod Nano and i use it to listen to podcasts on the way to work and back. There's 3rd party blue-tooth adapters you can get that plug into the dock, works well, but i need to charge the iPod every evening because it drains the battery quickly.
    that said, i also need to charge my iphone each night, so it's not a big deal.
    but i'd definitely like to get notifications on the iPod (pretending to be a watch on my wrist) when they arrive on my iphone (in my pocket). hopefully that's the way they go later this year
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    Watch Phone (camera + phone)

    I would love to see this with an integrated camera and being waterproof. One thing I'm shocked about is, no laptop, tablet or phone has solar panel in the back panel. Think about it, when you don't use the phone flip it and let it recharge with the power of the sun (I know, photovoltaic cells do not harness enough energy to recharge). In the near future tablets, ipods and phones will not require as much energy as they currently do and they will be more like modern day calculators with solar cells (I've had my calculator for 15 years).
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    I'm sure the wearable computer is someone in Apple's roadmap, this year? who knows.

    The problem with the "iWatch" is it got to have all day battery even with heavy use. Also the display got to always be available to look at information at a glance. Wether a quick tab button or the dark screen shows basic notification then you wake it up for information.

    The other issue we have is the annoyance of taking it off every night to charge.

    I'm all for an iWatch but like Apple always do, they won't make a "me too" product it have to have a certain standard. BT 4.0 deff could help with the battery life though. :)
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    LOL, silly girl. WiFi would drain the battery too quickly and your watch would only be fully functional in WiFi zones if it relied solely on WiFi for Internet connectivity.

    Also, Notification Center simply wouldn't work on a tiny screen. An iWatch would support notifications but not "Notification Center".
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    Orange Furball

    The whole idea of wireless communication is stupid. No thanks. My 6G nano works fine as a watch. The idea of loosing battery life extremely quickly so I don't need to reach into my pocket and pull out my phone is just useless!
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    Well I wouldn't rule it out, I think things will evolve and develop there is something there with wearable computing, I just know yet.
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    Orange Furball

    Until battery technology matures I don't see it. That's just my opinion though
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    Apple can probably improve battery life for such a device beyond the battery life of today's Blutetooth headsets, but let's examine it conservatively.

    Let's say it'll only support speech for 11 hours (on par w/ today's BT headsets) before dying. Are we going to be talking to our watches to send text messages, get weather info, etc. for 11 hours each day? Doubtful. We'd probably only use that feature for say 20 mins total each day, cumulatively. That would mean the device would last about 33 days before requiring a recharge.

    But wait, it has to power a screen. Yeah, it has to show the time, temperature, and maybe some other indicators full time but, like other electronic watches today, that consumes an incredibly small amount of power.

    And that's assuming Apple doesn't work any of its engineering prowess to improve battery life beyond what is currently on the market.

    I think Apple is already laying the groundwork with its "Bluetooth Sharing" feature in iOS 6.
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    3rd party solutions

    There already are 2 devices like this that I have seen already: the Pebble and the MetaWatch Strata. Both have an e-ink display and are water resistant (working to get them rated). Both started as kickstarter projects. Check em out!
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    aPple nErd

    uhhhh no not siri! its not even on ipad 2 so why on a watch?????

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