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iWeb's real problem: .Mac servers?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by bluebomberman, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I think the problems people have with the downloading speed of sites made with iWeb has much more to do with .Mac's pokey speed than the admittedly large pages that iWeb generates.

    I cloned my .Mac website onto my free personal webspace on Earthlink and timed the download speeds of the two sites using a freshly resetted Safari (to prevent the cache from doing its thing.) Result? Earthlink often loaded the pages faster. One time, while .Mac took nearly thirty seconds for one page, Earthlink was done in 7 seconds.

    .Mac seems to be fluctuate from pokey to acceptable. Anybody else have luck comparing .Mac to other web hosting services?
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    mad jew

    I couldn't agree more. Apple's iDisk speeds are pathetic 90% of the time. :(
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    So much for .Mac integration. It's a good thing I signed up for the 60-day free trial first. :D

    Dammit, Apple, you could've had my $99 so easily! If you just made your .mac servers fast enough to not turn my 8mbps cable connection look like a high-lag ISDN line from 1996, you would have owned me!
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    Yep I was really concerned about iWeb because all the test site's I'd been too had taken ages to fully load, but when I uploaded the site I made to my webspace on asmallorange, the resulting webpage loaded very snappy. Scratch another point off from .mac.
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    I dunno, it seems to me every site I visit on .Mac is extremely slow, quite frankly I'm not sure what all the .Mac fuss is about.
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    Slow. It makes the overhead of the pretty pages in iWeb painful to view. I'm clearing out all the extras to make my Photo pages passable.

    This is a killer problem if Apple can't get the speeds up. Pretty is one thing, but slow is never a winner. :(
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    It'd be infinitely more useful to me if it didn't have such horrible lag. I was planning to use almost every feature it offered to good use (even iCal integration!)
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    I host a few sites off my .mac server and it is almost always slooow. I swear, if they sold the email separate, I would dump it.
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    Couldn't agree with you guys more...

    That's why I think we all should give them feedback!

    I just did. Maybe if there are enough people complaining Apple will do sth. about it.

    Edit: With all the visitors we have we should make this a homepage story with a link to the .mac feedback page. Maybe then sth. would change. ;)
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    I do agree that the load times are slow. You can speed things up a bit if you optimize your photos for web viewing. I resized everything to 90 dpi with a maximum height (or width) of 7 inches. Everything loads in much faster.
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    imho, load times for my temp iWeb page wasn't really that comparable across different hosts and browsers.

    Just me though. I dumped all my iWeb images for my site to my .mac because i'm coming dangerously close to going over my monthly transfer an hour ago. Time to do something about it :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Load times are definitely slow.

    I used to load pics form iPhoto in less than a minute.

    iWeb takes..................................................................forever.
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    I agree, whilst .Macs idea is good, they really need to do something with the speed of the service.
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    Yes, I was glad to see that I-Web will export to a folder. Some of the template stuff is pretty neat. Since site files can be exported to a folder they can be uploaded to any server. pretty cool.
    I am surprised to hear that .mac servers are that slow though.
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    IJ Reilly

    Sort of. If you want to use the blogging feature you'll need to upload it to a WebDAV server, and I don't think photocasting will work without .Mac.

    BTW, has anyone figured out how to make custom templates?
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    it's worked fine, for blogging on my servers - and only one of them has WebDAV...

    i've still to try the photocasting..

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