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iWork '07 with Spreadsheet (Screenshot)

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by DavidLeblond, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Have you guys seen Thinksecret this morning? They have a supposed pic of the iWork spreadsheet application.

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    It looks a lot like a photoshopped version of Pages... But I would imagine that is what it will look like anyway :)
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    Father Jack

    Yeah, they would want continuity.

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    Yeah, it sure enough doesn't look like an Excel killer... not sure I like that icon either.
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    iWork '07 with Spreadsheet (Screenshot)


    ThinkSecret reports that iWork '07 will launch next week at Macworld and is expected as "one of the company's more significant product launches of the year".

    The new version of Apple's productivity suite offers a long expected spreadsheet component that has been previously described.

    Thinksecret has posted a development screenshots of the application icon and application itself. They warn that the final shipping versions may differ slightly.

    Amazon has posted placeholders for the expected iLife '07 and iWork '07 updates on their site.
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    Yeah... I do hope they do something more clever.... :(
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    Compile 'em all

    Looks so.....basic.
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    those links at amazon arent working anymore...
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    Looks so,

    like a fake to me.
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    well only have to wait til monday to see if its right or not
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    it's a fair assumption, even if the screenshot is fake

    after all they do want iWork to eventually replace Office
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    That's because they know MS will stop making Office for Mac after this next version.
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    Finally some kind of a 'leak' about a future product. :D
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    It looks terrible. I wouldn't trash Excel for this!
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    Just curious...

    I've heard this, too; how definite do people think this is? iWork looks alright to me, but I'm still chugging along with office 2003 on my mac (and don't see much need to change). I'm just wondering if discontinuing a mac version of office will hurt mac sales down the road.
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    I bet this image won't be the selected image on Apple.com when iLife '07 is finally showcased.
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    I'm pretty sure it will happen. Messenger for Mac is crappy and they have discontinued Media Player and Explorer. Office is the last and final step and in order for people to want a Mac, there needs to be an alternative. I've been using iWork since it came out and it seems to be working fine. I love Keynote much better than PowerPoint. They are using this time between now and when Office is discontinued to polish it up.
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    Chef Medeski

    Ehh.. by the time that is. Office 13. Which is maybe 5 years off. Think of how well developed iWork will become. The key is that Office 2007 is still going to be on mac which is neccessary since iWork is not a satisfactory replacement.

    And as for compatibility, with XML format, iWork will have even creater ability for interoperability.

    Right now iWork is a joke even compared to NeoOffice. But its perfect timing. Apple needed a place to test out their apps before just releasing them years in advance (word processing isnt as simple as it seems). Now they aren't catering to word processing to make it non-threathening. But wait... slowly they are coming too as they aren't too much worried about MS dropping support early, which WOULD BE BAD.

    No worries.
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    It needs to have a better graphing function than what's available in pages / keynote to get me to switch over.

    Also, *please* allow users to edit / save in MS office format, instead of having to import and export all the time. Some of us still have to work with people who use Office.
  20. Roy
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    I have never understood why Apple discontinued any upgrading of Appleworks/Clarisworks and I've never seen any one give any explanation for why Apple ceased upgrading Appleworks and is letting it "die on the vine". Anyone have any explanation for Apple's behavior?:confused:
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    right now, the whole iWork suite looks like a toy to me. anyone agree? I still prefer Microsoft Office, in terms of usability and looks (maybe it's just what I'm used to?).

    I want to love iWork, I hope the '07 version convinces me enough to buy it!
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    I have been waiting evr since iWork was first released for something like this, and i am afraid to say i will continue to wait if this is indeed what the iWork equivilant of Excel is.

    It is far to basic, i do not use any where near all the features of Excel, just tables, graphs, macros (from time to time), and a few other features. I need to be able to produce nice looking graphs, tables and have perfect interaction between the iWork applications.

    If this application does have these features Pages still needs a massive update to make it more usable for scientific papers.

    Keynote is almost perfect. Just need a better way of getting them to play on windows computers. Export to quicktime is alright and export to powerpoint is dreadful (i know this is a limitation with powerpoint really)
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    I'm in school right now and use iWork '06 for all my assignments, but I'm not convinced it's a full-on Office replacement yet. The GUI is pretty, but that is default since it comes out of Cupertino. Office still has superior functionality in my book. I am one of those that refuses to have Microsoft products on my computer.
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    I agree with you on Pages, but I personally like the Keynote interface. For some reason it "feels" better than Pages even though they are very similar. I don't care for the inspector so much. It is an odd way to get to those options. Office just has the toolbar at the top with most of the same stuff. But we all know Apple doesn't like doing Apps like that...

    I use Keynote a lot and by itself is worth getting iWork. I just hope the next Keynote has motion paths, it is the most obvious thing missing that PowerPoint has.
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    iWork is the replacement for AppleWorks. It's not there yet, but hopefully '07 will be.

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