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iWork '08: Keynote 4.0.1, Pages 3.0.1 and Numbers 1.0.1

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 27, 2007.

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    Apple released a number of updates to their iWork '08 suite including:

    Numbers 1.0.1
    This update primarily addresses issues with tables and performance.

    Pages 3.0.1
    This update primarily addresses issues with change tracking and performance.

    Keynote 4.0.1
    This update primarily addresses issues with builds and performance.

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    Downloading now...hopefully this will make Pages as quick to start as '06 was :)
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    With yesterdays updates I've got 9 things downloading via Software update
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    lots of updates lately :)

    now hopefully next we'll see 10.4.11 and a leopard release date ;)
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    eagerly awaiting leopard :)

    hmmm.... iwork08 alongside office08 :rolleyes:
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    Hope this makes Numbers a lot quicker. Its much slower than Excel running under Rosetta right now, which boggles the mind.
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    I hope it does more than just make numbers run quicker. What about all of the other issues (lack of Excel features) people have been complaining about?
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    Seemingly not :(
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    Apple really have been busy. Four updates in one day?

    Maybe they have been actively hiring to get all this out.

    Either that or they are working super hard.

    I hope they all get plenty of time off soon to recover.
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    i think this day should be called in history - "Update day"

    geez. so many updates, nice :D
  11. Guest

    The updates haven't appeared in Software Update for me yet. I have iWork '08 on a MacBook Pro. Did the appear in SU for you guys?
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    Really? I'd prefer they had no sleep and just worked on my software :p
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    Wow, Apple, what's up with the updating spree :p

    Busy bees there, in Cupertino.
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    1.0.1 and you want what?

    An update that just bumps the 3rd significant digit is not likely to contain any significant new features.
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    Maybe there's a chance of Leopard in the first half of October...
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    Ya can't go wrong with the new iWork-I love it!

    I don't understand why people haven't heard of it outside of the Apple community (Must be too hard headed to listen to anything new in the computer world-especially anything Apple)
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    this is the first year i started using Pages (because my MS Word 2004 because super crashtastic and painfully slow)... it's a really great app, i probably won't go back to word...

    it just seems there is some issue with start up... its not very snappy... i read somewhere that the reason is because pages is written in carbon and not cocoa... im curious why apple wrote pages in carbon and not cocoa, and why they don't translate it...
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    Hmm...with this update and yesterday's iLife updates, I wonder if Apple isn't just getting all their ducks in a row so that everything's ready for the Leopard release. I'm dying to find out if either of these suites take advantage of CoreAnimation under Leopard.
  19. RRK
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    ...or getting the apps ready for 10.4.11 which will get the OS ready for upgrade to 10.5.
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    Pages '06 was very snappy to start up, hopefully there will be a patch to speed it up...
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    Numbers speed-up

    I'm running Numbers on a 500Mhz G4 PowerMac and the performance in Numbers has most certainly increased.

    When tabbing from one cell to another, there always used to be a second or less delay before it moved to the next field. I put it down to using such an old machine, but the new update has got rid of this delay and Numbers feels far snappier now.

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    Big Update dump on Versiontracker-maybe we'll see 10.4.11
  23. BTW
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    Yep, definitely another indication that Leopard is going GM soon. The firmware updates give it away. We'll see Leopard go GM by Tuesday I'm sure. :)
  24. Moderator emeritus

    I don't think there will be any more updates for Pages '06. ;)

    Numbers '08 is less laggy and opens files more quickly and Pages '08 starts more quickly. They're good gains but obviously not spectacular. Hopefully, there will be more to come after the first of the year.
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    But then they'll go crazy and die, and no more updates :(

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