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Jacksonville, FL (st johns town center)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by pvmacguy, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I'll be there!! Anyone else?
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    Just got mine reserved for thursday! Ill probably be at the store around 8:30 a.m anyone else?:D
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    I am hoping to be there but I won't know until they say something about the white iPhone. I might be holding off depending on the delay for white. If they push it back this might be the first iPhone launch I sleep through.
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    iPhone 4 Jacksonville, FL St. Johns Town Center

    I've got an iphone 4 reserved at the Town Center for the release on the 24th. Unfortunately one of my friends wasn't lucky enough to make it through the site to reserve hers yesterday because of the apple site crashing all day.

    It looks like she's going to have to show up early and try to get one on the "first come first serve" basis so we're thinking of getting there early before the 7am open time to get a good spot in line.

    Has anybody camped out at the Town Center for any of the previous iPhone launches? How far ahead of store opening are people usually lining up? I've tried to look around and do some research and it looks like depending on store locations around the country there have been reports of people only needing to get there an hour or two in advance all the way to people waiting for days before release.

    Like I said, just wondering if anybody had an idea of what the situation had looked like here in Jax for past iPhone launches and if anybody else here planned on heading out there early.....

    Thanks in advance for the info
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    Hey Im in Jax and Ill be going to the Town Center Apple store. I have mine reserved as well but I will actually be waiting in the "non reserve" line in case they have white ones there. I haven't had an iPhone since I bought the original there on launch day. I waited 9 hours for the 6PM launch. This time you wont have to wait near as long but I wouldn't wait to get there right before the doors open. One thing I can say is that most people will be working so I dont think its going to be as crazy as if it launched at like 6PM.
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    I'm planning on getting there around 6am. I have to make a 1pm meeting at work so I really hope they are on top of things and get the reserved line down quickly.

    Was anyone at this store for the 3GS launch?? Just wondering if 6am will land me a decent spot in line or if I should show up earlier than that!
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    I have a Black 32GB iPhone reserved but Ill be there early to see if they have a White one. If I hear leading up to it that there absolutely will not be White iPhones then I will just get there in the evening to pick mine up.
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    Town center mall cops threw us out for the 3G :mad: so I went to Regency AT&T.

    If there will be some folks here this year maybe I'll come by! I have a reservation but also one pre-ordered at BB.
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    See ya around 6:30ish.
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    I'll be there

    I'll be there earlier than 6:30 I know those lines are gonna be huge before that and I wanna be up front so I'll be there by 5 maybe.
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    Eeeek 5??? Oh man last thing I want is to be stuck way back in line. maybe I should rethink and shoot for 5:30
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    Well yeah you gotta expect ppl to be already to come some might have been sleeping over just to land a front door spot I didn't get to reserve mine so I'll have to be up front I want that phone and I'm not trying to wait another few weeks so they can get more in stock.
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    I live in NYC but...

    ...I'm in Jax for two weeks visiting family (I grew up here). I called the Jax Beach ATT store to ask if they would have a stock of new iPhones for persons who had not pre-ordered. The answer: NO.

    Are you all sure there will be stock set aside at your various local stores for people who are just walking in without reserved devices?

    I tried to pre-order the phone today through Apple and in the breakdown of charges, it showed I would have to pay an $18.00 upgrade fee. (My two year contract expires July 16.) However, I had dialed the info number to ATT from my iPhone 3G and got the text reply that I qualified for the upgrade with the $18.00 upgrade fee WAIVED. I immediately stopped my pre-order. I'll wait until I'm back in NYC and I'll keep checking the local ATT and Apple stores until I can pick one up at the store.
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    The apple store is stating that on their page they have some for first come first served basis so I'm going with yes til I find out otherwise. I'll put something up here if I find different.
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    Good luck!
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    I am going to walk in this weekend and ask if they will have any available for walk-in's. They should I don't see the Jax store being to crowded with reserves.
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    Lining up in jax is pretty nice since there's really not that much of a crowd. I used to be stationed in may port and never saw any huge lines for the iPhone...one of the things I missed about the area lol
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    I think I'll shoot for around 6am also. I was lucky enough to get a pre-order thru. Hopefully I'll be able to be in and out by at least 8. I was there last year for the 3gs and I seem to remember the pre-order line going by pretty smoothly.
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    I'll be there. Last year I had my 3GS shipped and it was torture waiting around for FedEx all day.

    So, reservation in hand, I'll be there... maybe around 6:30ish?
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    Well what time is everyone coming
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    6-6:30... Wait!! Are you using this info so you can show up 5 min early and be ahead of me in line???? :)
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    Maybe I will lol
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    Actually I'm just gonna be camping out if anyone wants to join me let me know.
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    I will be playing dodge security at about 4. Till they let us sit in peace.
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    I hope they just chill and realize that we are there to be in line to get that phone we been wanting soo bad.

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