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Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by ian-frs, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Anyone going to be out there from Jax? At the Town Center Apple store?
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    I might go... I'm in Gainesville... so if I don't have anything else to do... heh
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    According to the Apple rep at the Best Buy in Orlando, FL I spoke to tonight...they will have it...probably only ONE copy though...:p
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    Wow, one whole copy I feel bad for number 2 in line.
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    I'm thinking about going to the JAX store, although I'm 2 hours away. With the price of gas though I'm not sure it is worthy it, especially since they are barely knocking anything off for education buyers. They have been offering it to education buyers for $69 for a long time now. What the heck is up with the $116??? Especially since Amazon is selling it for $109.

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    Are you serious??? That really stinks! LOL I better start campin' out right now :rolleyes::p
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    I was joking, but Best Buy does stupid stuff a lot of times, so I would not be surprised if they really did have only ONE copy.
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    I'll be there

    I want a T-shirt.
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    Im still deciding if I want to get Leopard. I have that $100 from the iPhone so I might just use it and get it.
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    I'll be there

    Hopefully Leopard will make our Mac Pro less buggy. A free t-shirt would be nice too. :cool:
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    ill be there and im not going home without a t-shirt :D
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    I'm planning to be there. I was heading to Costco and Dick's anyway after work. Besides, I want the t-shirt (gotta be one of the first 500). I somehow don't think this will have the crazy lines that the iPhone had, but I could be wrong.
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    Be there or be square! T Shirts from the mother ship and lots of Mac Heads
    all around. Sounds like a party on the que! Being in Jacksonville, and with the big Florida-Gerogia football game this weekend, we should be grilling on the sidewalk. Maybe a new thing for us all ,Apple iBar-B-Q Release TailGate Party. I can smell the ribs now!

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    I'm at the store now, no line at all so im sure everyone will be getting a shirt.
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    No line?

    Excellent. Maybe I'll shoot for 6 after all. I have non-Leopard business to do. Namely purchasing a MBP.

    So all you Leopard nerds better not get in my way. I'll steal your t-shirts.


    If you're a MacRumors forum member, walk around with your thumb on your forehead. That way, we can recognize each other.
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    5 people in line now! Start hurrying up!
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    Good. I didn't plan on leaving work early just to get in a line in this weather...
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    Pictures from the event at town center.

    All 135 people waiting for launch

    The entrance shirts included

    1 Minute till launch!

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