Jacksonville store in 2005

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sayhey, Dec 12, 2003.

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    ifoAppleStore is saying that Apple will open a retail store in Jacksonville, Florida in March of 2005. This is based on an article on the Jacksonville Business Journal's website that lists Apple as among the retailers opening stores in the St. John's Town Center.
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    Yes!!! I could finally have an Apple Store close by when I am at school. The CompUSA on Southside Blvd. sucks so much with their Mac selection and service.
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    That's good and surprising. Jacksonville isn't anywhere near Miami. :D (They're working on their 5th store in that area now.)

    Savannah, GA residents won't have to go to Atlanta now either.

    How many stores can Floriduh take?
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    Well 2005 is still quite a ways off from now. Anyhow, goes to show how well Apple is doing if they're expanding.
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    i feel bad for you guys, there are 5 Apple Stores within an hour drive from me
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    I had an Apple Store three minutes from my house at home. Yes, it was exactly three minutes because I worked at that mall and always left late and watched the time closely.

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