Jaguar desktop pics.

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Backtothemac, Aug 22, 2002.

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    Here is mine. Running what I normally run. Man, an I the only person on AIM from Macrumors or what?

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    ha're listening to Eve6...that's least it's not some ghetto rap or country
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    Well, I have a little bit of everything. 3,560 songs so I just let them rotate, and listen to whatever comes on. :)

    Come on bring on the jaguar desktop pics.
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    Well, here's mine. Not really much different from what it was before 10.2 ('cept for the non-transparent dock). Oh well.

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    It looks pretty cool. I still dont understand how you missed having Jaguar on your new powerbook.:p
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    dnte42 those are very nice pics on the website, what did you take them with?
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    Thanks. Took them with a Nikon CoolPix 800, not bad for being 2+ years old. Sadly, the pictures don't have a high enough resolution to do anything fantastic with them, but I can still make small prints, at least.
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    Re: Jaguar desktop pics.

    Hey, what's up with that "Our Powerbook" icon in the top right? Is that a new feature of Jaguar? Replacement for the "Macintosh HD" icon? It sure looks better...
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    Heh? I'm online...:)
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    It had 10.1.5 on it, but had the upgrade CD. And I name all our Mac Our"whatever type of system it is".

    See the Our makes my wife take ownership in the Mac mentally :)
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    Is this icon new, though? Because my Macintosh HD icon in 10.1.5 is just a picture of a hard drive. It looks really cool as a picture of the TiBook. Is that a built-in feature of Jaguar or is it something you've customized yourself?
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    are you kidding...those pictures have great quality!....well at least as desktop pictures...thanks dnte42
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    Oh, no. I got those from X Icons. Go to and click on the link in the upper right hand corner. That is where they are. Not bad don't you think.
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    Re: Re: Jaguar desktop pics.

    he made the icon himself.. i also have jag on my pbg4...

    it would be sorta neat, though,- if it was included with the os :)..

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    Thanks for the tip. :)
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    well here is mine, I would change the background, I need to get out photoshop and do some cause I have been lazy

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    Re: Jaguar desktop pics.

    I'm always on and your never there, I have been trying to talk to you for ages

    my AIMs mac15mac, I know yours so whats doing
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    hey guys

    i wanna know the screen names from people on mac rumors.

    could i possibly have them?

    mine is wanabpunkrawker2

    Its on AIM.
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    Simple, dnte42
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    duke, how is chimera treating you in Jaguar?? any noticeable performance differences, good or bad?? Also, AL had mentioned that the preferences are much more forgiving at finding and keeping alternate browsers when setting defaults.
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    Just look in people's profiles for their AIM thingys...Mine's in mine...:rolleyes:
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    Here you go. Like the XDarwin? I do.

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