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    RailHeadDesign posted an update indicating that 6C115 has been declared GM.

    According to our source, 6C115 was GM Candidate 1 and was subsequently declared Gold Master after passing testing.

    Mac OS 10.2: Jaguar is in Production at this time.
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    Does this mean it may be shipping ahead of schedule?? :D
    Cause that would be nice to see. Although, who knows what will happen... I'm just gonna cross my fingers and see what happens...
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    Thank you, Arn.

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    Apple doing something ahead of schedule?
    THAT would be a first :) Mostly it's the other way around.
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    OS X production has sped up so much in recent times. When the first release came out, which is now raher redundant, it was postponed many a time.

    Someone may be able to remember all the dates but the final one I remember which they made a big thing about was March 24th.

    Hmmmmm...... that's interesting yet again we see the number 24, hey cool it's my birthday, does that mean that I'm special too.
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    Is it going to be co-released with this new predicted powermac? or is it just going to hit the shelves straight away?
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    I think we'll see the new PowerMacs released on the 13th with Jag pre-installed. They will have enough time between now and then to produce enough CDs to ship with them.

    Jaguar will be released for us to buy on the 24th, just like Apple said it would.
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    Just remember that if a machine is announced on the 13th, it doesn't mean it's going to ship right away. At best, I would expect at least a week lag from announcement to the first shipment.

    The timing is not out of line for everything to ship at the same time.
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    I wouldn't count on it. Apple has 19 day s to make thousands of CD's, package them, and send them to resellers... I'd be lucky if my local CompUSA has Jaguar a week after the 24th...

    The 24th has some special meaning for Jobs. The original Macintosh was introduced on January 24th.
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    How does Railhead know it's GM ? What's there source ?

    Does this mean that the happy mac is beign replaced by the apple logo ???
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    The 24th of August has special meaning indeed...the 7th anniversary of the Windows release that would be the first close to Mac look and feel, namely Windows 95. Windows prior to 95 was very unmac like by comparison.
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    C118 is GM not C115.
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    And how do you know this? :confused:
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    Well im not 100% 118 is GM but since theres a 118 out there 115 can't be GM.
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    I cant say as I've seen 6C118, however it could be possible as Apple will call a build GM and send it for shipping. After this point newer builds would be for a n.n.1 update.

    Just a thought :)
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    On August 24, 79AD, Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii, predating the catastrophe of Windows 95 by a good bit....another tragedy!

    Maybe it's time to change the significance of the date for the better!
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    Good point :)

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