Jaguar supports right click!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Rajj, Aug 25, 2002.

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    Did you guys/gals know that Jaguar supports the right click function!!!:D
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    As exciteing as this is to dicscover, right click has been supported since the Public Beta two years ago!

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    [confused]correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't OS X always supported right click?[/confused]
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    Ohh!!:p ;)

    I have a Tibook, so I didn't know!!:D

    So why does Apple's mouse have only one clicker?
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    Sooooo...I'm guessing you just got a 2(+)button mouse...right?:rolleyes:
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    No, I was @ Compusa playing with the new towers!!

    I have been using notebooks for years, so I am use to trackpads

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    Oh, I see...You should really look into getting into getting a multi-button mouse though...You'd be surprised at how many times they come in handy.:) As for myself, I'm using a M$(yeah, I know, but I wanted 5 buttons and it was the only option at the time!)wireless intellimouse explorer...And I'm actually quite happy with it! It works really well!:eek:
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    Hmm...two reasons there's only one mouse button.

    1. Steve decided that they only needed one button.

    2. Steve's always right, and if he isn't, he still gets his way.

    2.5. Have you seen another mouse as kewl as the pro mouse--especially in a dark room?
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    and Jaguar also supports the wheel for scrolling in the finder!! yay!!! :D:D:D
  10. Lz0
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    This is one issue that has always annoied me about Apple. Why do they continue to persist with the single buttoned mouse. I loved the sexy black one that came with my new 933 but I put it on my fathers iMac and added another silly round single buttoned mouse to my collection. I now have 9 of them in a box.

    Perhaps the new found support for second buttons and wheels is a sign that Apple will issue them with as standard sometime in the near future.
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    so does 10.1.5 and i'm guessing way back to 10.0.0


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