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Jailbreak will be released... TODAY!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ToCsIcK, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Niacin has changed the #itouch IRC channel's topic to

    'Yes exploit will be released today. No we haven't tested third party apps... yes they will likely work!!!'

    GOOD NEWS :):):):)
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    Genghis Khan

    counts down to software update from apple
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    Sounds like good news to me! I will prob wait a little though, I need something user friendly and I rather not brick my touch. Once a GUI hack comes out for windows I will be all over it.
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    haha, true
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    I want a Jailbreak for one huge reason.

    Text adventures on my iPod. omg.
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    Even better news. It will be friendlier then any other handheld device hack. Simply point safari at a URL and let it work its magic!!
  7. Lin
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    Well, er... how to join that #itouch channel :confused: <blush>
    I am at the Chatroom screen of the Toc2rta, but can't figure what to do now!!

    Thanks :)
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    Lin what IRC client are you using?

    simply join the channel #itouch
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    Damn.... you.... I was already perfectly content with the idea of having completely stock 16GB touch, but now you planted the idea of playing Infocom-games on the touch in to my head....
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    Hey, i just talked to you! Welcome to MacRumors! :D
  11. Lin
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    Ok :) Had to use another pseudo, as you may have noted!
  12. Lin
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    This one:

    I just don't know how to join a channel :confused:
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    This will be the long convulted method of jailbreaking, not the 1 touch installer, not practical for any novice or average pc/touch user.Id wait a few days.
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    Again it uses a tiff exploit which required you to simply open a page in safari with the custom tiff file.
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    Why does everybody think this would brick it? Worst case scenario: You need to restore. I think people either dont understand the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking, or they just like to say the word brick as a verb.
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    Dont make me brick you! he he he brick... I love verbs :D
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    lol, it wont be anywhere near as easy as that, not at this stage.The Tiff merely crashes the browser for an exploit to be run.
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    Type /join #itouch

    You can also /leave #dacp which that client seems to drop you into automagically. More important question... which IRC network is #itouch on?

    Its not freenode which the java client linked above is default connecting to.

    Anyhow, I gotta go to work, if someone does post the server the appropriate command to switch is:
    /server <server ip/honstname>

    Also, /nick <name> to change your display name.
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    Isn't it just pants-wettingly tempting?
  20. Lin
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    THANKS!! Seems to work, this time...
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    will this be easy or hard?

    i have no problem wading through some terminal like instructions but I was wondering if a graphical and easy jailbreak solution that would be basically one step...?
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    The first exploit of this kind simply crashed the browser, that was a proof of concept that the buffer overflow exploid existed on the iPod Touch.

    From what i have put together from the lead developers and other people in contact with them. You will navigate to a remote server using safari and the tiff will, through a series of complex events originating from a buffer overflow, umounts the drive and remounts it with read/write access. From here it will change the file that tells the os how to mount drives, the fstab file, to always mount it with the read/write perms. Thus JAILBREAK

    Don't quote me on any of this as it is just my perception of what has been said in the IRC channel.
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    Really glad to hear the jailbreak will be out sometime today. I really want to give it a go on my new iPod touch to see what can be added to it and how much more useful it can be. Hopefully there will at some point be a way to keep them out of jail through the Apple updates, but who knows if that's possible or how long it could take.
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    It's rather easy for them to fix, given that the way they hacked it is released all over the Internet. Honestly, the news articles and such ruin it. They basically give the exploit to Apple and they just fix it right up.
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    Except I gotta return my iPod today...

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