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Jailbreaking the 4th Gen Ipod Touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sarmo187, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Considering the Ipod Touch 4 is going to come with iOS4, will the jailbreak already be ready for it.. or will we have to wait for them to come out with a certain version or update? :confused:
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    When iOS 4.1 comes out, there will be a jailbreak or a bit later.

    we have to wait for now
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    Just checking, I know that it is no longer illegal to jailbreak a device. However, does it still break the warranty?
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    Yes, if they find out.

    I'm guessing the jailbreak will not be out right away. It took a bit for the 3G jailbreak to come out, and even longer before the untethered jailbreak.
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    Sorry, posted twice accidentally.
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    What is jailbreaking?
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    I believe it runs iOS 4.1 by default.
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    I think you meant 3Gs since you referenced untethered jailbreaks.

    But I'm with you, there's definitely going to be a delay. The dev-team tries to make sure their tools will work for the most devices possible and for the longest time possible.

    Since this is the case... I think we'd be lucky to see a jailbreak for 4.1 until they've had plenty of time to test it on the new iPods.

    In fact... I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until 4.2 so they could hit the iPad at the same time.
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    Now I know that the ipod touch 3G can be jailbroken, so wouldn't running the 3.1 iOS version be doable on a ipod touch 4G until they do have a version for 4.0?
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    In short, it's gaining root access to your device. If you want more info than that, I suggest you search. It's all over this site and others.
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    No, I did mean the iPod touch 3G. it wasn't with an untethered jailbreak for a LONG time.

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised either if they waited for 4.2.
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    No. 4.0 is already jailbroken and there would be no way to downgrade the new iTouch with 4.1 to 3.1 without jailbreaking it anyway.

    Haha, sorry. I was thinking iPhone 3G. :p

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