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January/February 2009 sales?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by domcole, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Hi all, Merry Christmas.

    Anybody reckon Apple will have a few sale prices for early 2009?
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    The Samurai

    I very much doubt it - very much.

    The nearest thing to a sale for Apple would be them reducing their Macbook prices at Macworld - even thats very sketchy.
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    Apple doesn't do sales other than Black Friday. They also run the Back to School promotion where students get a free iPod with purchase of a computer, usually in summer.

    You will certainly find deals at their online sellers like MacMall or rebates from Amazon or maybe even see Best Buy do something to move inventory.
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    Our December sales have been waaay up on last year's.
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    Tallest Skil

    Nope. Black Friday only.
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    Cheers everyone, very helpful.
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    I doubt it..the only sale Apple does are on Black Friday and discount on the Refurbs. Mac's.
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    I think by sales he means price drop now a sale as in what you're referring to.
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    I don't think Apple will, but I would love the thought that they might consider it, due to the economic crisis thats going on.
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    I don't think Apple drops prices in anticipation of clearing stock; they just stop selling the old computers as new and all old stock become either refurbished or clearance. That's as much of a sale you'll ever get with Apple's business model.
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    I doubt it but that's why I asked really.

    Also, I was thinking of buying either the 2.0GHz or 2.4 relativity soon (within the next three months) is there going to be some kind of refresh model sometime in 2009?

    I can wait longer, I know things are going to update ect. but I don't need it right now.
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    Outside of black friday, Apple never does sales.
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    Well I can suggest the refurbish models. I have bought refurbish products in the past and they were great, except for the alubook. Check then out, you save at least $200.
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    Are the refurbs 'as new'? I'm thinking of getting one if one pops up on the refurb section. What can I expect compared to brand new ones?

    There aren't any alum ones on at the moment but I'll keep a look out.
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    The page changes from hour to hour, just keep looking. Yes, they are like new with an expandable one year warranty from Apple.
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    The Samurai

    Sucks that the UK refurb store only gets updated once a day, roughly at 00:33 midnight and its usually garbage.
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    Ah thanks.

    So I wouldn't expect a scratch on it and it would be as quick as it was from new? If yes, I'll try and get a refurbished alu.
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    If Apple released updated iMacs at MacWorld (as the rumors are suggesting), they might have some on clearance through the online Apple Store.

    Also, if you know of any Apple Authorized Resellers, they would be a good place to check. Anytime new products take the stage, the old ones got to go.
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    I have purchased refurbs before and they are exactly the same as new. They go through a thorough check before it is resold. However, the only difference is that you will not get the beautiful box, but a brown box. Save yourself the premium and use it to upgrade the your ram or hard drive. It really comes down if you want to fork out the extra cash for a brand new machine. Otherwise get refurb, I couldn't wait and got a new alubook cause I sold my previous gen. MBP and needed a laptop right away. You are in a great position to get alubook refurb.

    My heart drop when I saw the alubooks in the refurb section so fast, because I bought my alubook exactly a month ago. :S
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    Thanks, d' you know when Macworld 2009 is?

    Ah thanks for that, it's good to know. I asked cause I was watching a YouTube video and the person (who was reviewing a white Macbook) said:

    "Yeah, I got it on the refub section on the Apple website and I love it, had a few scratches on and it obviously doesn't run as smooth and fast as a new one..."
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    What exactly is Black Friday about?
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