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January Upgrade Gone

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by nylock10, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Hey, I purchased the January 5-app upgrade when I bought my iPod touch. But today I reset my iPod touch (I jailbroke it, want it back to normal), but now the upgrade is gone and iTunes is prompting me to buy the upgrade again.

    I've tried checking for purchases but that didn't seem to work, should I contact Apple Care and ask if they can help?
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    The update lands in:

    Library/iTunes/Mobile Applications/iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa

    or on Windows:

    C:/Program Files/iTunes/Mobile Applications/iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa

    If it's still there, just click 'Sync' on your ipod's summary page, if that doesn't work, try toggling the 'Manual Manage' option on/off and try syncing again. If it works you will see 'Syncing Applications' status flash up for a spit second in the top bar of iTunes, if not, you need to buy it again, unfortunately.

    For future reference, it's best to back-up this file somewhere other than the iTunes folder, or your HD, so if there is a problem, you can restore the file to it's original place, and iTunes can find it again.

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    I looked in that folder (~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates), and it isn't there.

    Could the new 7.6.1 have possibly done something? This is the first time I connected my iPod to my computer since I updated iTunes (so I could reset the iPod).
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    Thats your 'Library' folder in your user area.

    Goto 'Mac HD' and use the library directory from there. :)

    Mac HD/library/iTunes/Mobile Applciations/iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa

    Sorry, I should of been more specific, firstly.

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    Okay, I'll go check there now.
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    Mine is located here:
    ~/Library/iTunes/Mobile Applications/iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa
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    I couldn't find it in either of those folders :(
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    Then you'll have to contact iTunes Support. They should be able to see in your purchase history that you already purchased the upgrade, and re-add it to your download queue.

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