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Japan reports Apple laptop fire

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: Japan reports Apple laptop fire
    Description:: TOKYO: Japanese government authorities reported Tuesday the first case in Japan of an Apple laptop, which had a Sony-make lithium-ion battery, overheating and catching fire. The government has ordered the computer maker to carry out an investigation into the incident and submit a report within a week.

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    What's there to investigate? Sony batteries catch fire, and Apple has already started recalls on affected models.
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    nooooooooooooo...not apple :confused:
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    There's already been a recall, so I don't see this being to much of an issue. As for the people suffering minor burns - go run cold water over the burns.
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    They can hardly complain considering Apple advised people to cease using the batteries immediately...
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    I don't see why Apple and Dell are taking so much heat over Sony's defective batteries...
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    Although, I'd say it's the consumers who are 'taking the heat' :rolleyes: .
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    From the article: "[...]the incident happened in April"
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    Fire in the home!

    The question here is mostly: how come there are cheap batteries for laptop? and why major cies use these cheap batteries in their computers?

    Those cies are responsible for their products and a recall is always bad publicity.
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    Sony's master plan...

    It's interesting that Sony doesn't use these particular batteries, they just manufacture them for some of their rivals... Apple is killing Sony in terms of style, Dell is beating Sony in terms of sales volume. Maybe Sony has finally found a way to make a come back.
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    Just like the reason we didn't ever get a Powerbook G5 was because IBM was the one making the chips, or rather not making them...

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