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Japanese Classics Being Localized for Wii's Virtual Console?

Discussion in 'Games' started by GFLPraxis, Jun 5, 2006.

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    While it could just be a translator for original Virtual Console titles, it would be awesome of Nintendo was releasing Japanese-only games in the States.
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    If that happens it would be great, me thinks!
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    Aye, even though to translate some games would take a longtime... FF? Maybe to fix some Engrish

    I feel asleep!
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    wow that would be awesome.. i'm pretty sure there are plenty games which were never released in the rest of the world
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    All your base are belong to us?
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    No! please! don't fix that one! :D
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    Maybe the original mario bros. 2 that wasn't released. :D

    I like "all your base". We had a blast with that in college.
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    1) 'twas already included in Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES.

    2) There was no text to translate! Except "Thank you, but our princess is in another castle"...and I really don't think you have to hire a professional to translate that ;)
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    Oh, well then porting/translating the original Super Mario 2 would be a dumb idea. :)
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    This is awesome if its true as consoles like the SNES had so many amazing games which were JAP only, which I remember playing in my childhood on import......

    The Wii just keeps getting better and better really cannot wait to get hold of one.

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    Starfox 2 anyone?
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    I personally want the long lost Castlevania game before Symphony of the Night to finally hit state side. Copies of this game are well into the hundreds of dollars range on ebay. And just to play this game you need to buy some lame ass really expensive japanese game console too and then buy the needed upgrade chips to run it (unless you buy the version of the console with that chip which costs a good deal too)....Thats just too much of a costly venture for a 10 year old game (if not way older). This game could easy be emulated on any last gen system. So the Wii should do it without a sweat (the PS2 can handle the emulation with a great deal of ease).
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    I though that was abandoned before it was released ANYWHERE?

    Also, it would actually be pretty funny at this point to get a new translation for All Your Base Are Belong To Us. :p
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    I'll take a stab at that:
    "All of your bases now belong to us!"

    ... suddenly it doesn't seem all that bad! ;)
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    for great justice!
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    Bahamut Lagoon for the Wii would be rad.

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