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Japanese fonts with that hand drawn comics style? ENG->JP script use.

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by nobodyhome, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I am looking for fonts to be used with a translated comic script that have different styles than the system fonts. The text is all in Japanese, but my Japanese penmanship is crud. I can fudge the sound effects, but the dialogue for things like screaming or muttering is another story.

    I've found Japanese influence English fonts, fonts that replace English letters with hiragana and/or katakana or fonts with just the hiragana or katakana; but nothing yet with kanji that can be used in place of Osaka or the Hiragano bunch.

    Copy, paste, change font is what I'm looking for... Preferably commercial free.

    Any help? Totally new to Japanese fonts here.

    Thank you.
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    Jim Campbell

    Errm… I don't think you can just change the font between English and Japanese, any more than you could take Russian text, change the Cyrillic font for a Western one and expect the resulting text to make any sense.
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    No, what I intended to convey is that the scripts are already in Japanese. They're translated by somebody else and I'm given a text file with the Japanese script. I'm looking for stylized Japanese fonts with some more personality than the system fonts.
  4. Jim Campbell, Jan 3, 2013
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    Jim Campbell

    Gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding. FWIW, I'm a professional comic book letterer and I recently had to pass on a job not entirely dissimilar to the one you describe for want of decent fonts (amongst other considerations).


    Having said that, googling "Japanese Manga Lettering Fonts" turns up what seems to be a fairly comprehensive article on the subject:

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    Wow! I hadn't seen that page before! Thanks for that. It will certainly help figuring out what typefaces are used for what. Now I just need some hand drawn looking fonts that support kanji.

    In regards to comic lettering, it's fascinating that you're a professional letterer. I'm currently employed as a retoucher and letterer for manga. Not only do I have to letter the comics, but I have to edit out all the Japanese. I find it funny that I'm going the opposite direction in this case.

    Thank you for the link and the reply.
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    Jim Campbell

    I'm actually prepping some English pages for Japanese publication at the moment -- there's no access to unlettered versions of the art, so I'm erasing the lettering, redrawing the artwork in the resulting 'holes' and then doing the necessary 'flipping' to reverse the layout for Japanese reading order…



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