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Japanese 'lucky bags' PRSI offshoot thread

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by mrsir2009, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. mrsir2009, Dec 26, 2012
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    This is the PSRI offshoot thread for the Japanese lucky bags front page news article. Please try to keep it civil and on topic.

    The reason they can probably do it in Japan and not the United States is due to the fact that the easterners tend to be not as wound up and agressive as Americans. If they did this in the U.S they'd be swamped with people threatening lawsuits because they didn't get the product they wanted.
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    When people line up in places like Sudan, Chad for UN delivered food it is very sad, but it has a profound purpose. This however, this western hysteria is a testament to how shallow societies are today, how stripped of any imagination, basic pride, self respect, value for the intellect the populace have grown to be, when the creative process has come to a complete halt. Brainwashing methods of gadget distribution to dumbed consumers. Apple should trick the masses and insert printed books into the bags.
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    Sad...but also correct.
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    Yes very true

    Would turn in to the OK Coral
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    Wow... Talk about a stereotype. Believe it or not, the old westerns you see on TV are not the way the vast majority of the country is...

    EDIT: Actually, Americans tend to be a little more rational these days... Lots of mass riots in Europe. We just tend to duke it out in court.
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    You might want to take a look at South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and rethink your statement.
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    While I agree with most of what you said, the US has just proven that many are willing to forego their entire day just to exercise their most basic of rights...Voting. Many Americans spent an entire workday waiting just to vote in the last election. While it's our governments fault, it goes to show that even in the western world, when standing up for what's right, they would be willing to lose a days wage and stand-up for their rights.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that when people don't have to fight for their rights and have the time and freedom to wait for a goodie bag at a retailer, they might...whatever, I don't care. They likely won't if there is something more important to do that effects their life.
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    I hate to say it, but, to an extent, I have to agree with your comment.
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    Would those be the same rational people who are trying to sue FREE instagram because they didn't like a change to the TOS, or the rational woman who is suing the town in CT where her house burned down because she hired an unlicensed contractor under the table (who she was dating) and then her family was killed in a fire? I would say taking absolutely NO responsibility for your situation and also expecting people to give you everything you want for nothing is far from rational.
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    Oh..my...gosh, you almost had me there for a second....clever, very clever.
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    rational like killing school children and fire fighters with assault rifles?
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    What about the people who drop their iPhone and expect Apple to give them a brand new one because they've only had it for a week? ;)
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    That behavior is typically un-american. You're nit-picking unusual situations that make it on the news and claiming you have a point. You don't. Americans traditionally value individual responsibility. These days not as much, but the core value is still there.

    Crazy people are crazy anywhere. Can't really pin that on the US. If that kid had been in Europe when he went nuts, I wouldn't be pinning that on Europe. It's just a rare circumstance creating a rare horror, that wasn't dealt with in time to prevent the disaster.
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    Rational? You must've missed all the Black Friday reports of people getting trampled or shot over crappy products and parking spots--that happen every year
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    Sorry but it happens so frequently in the states. To frequent to call it rare. And if you dont think the states has a problem. Then the problem will never be fixed.
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    Wait, are you talking about the attack in Norway that left some 69 kids dead? Terrible regardless of where it happens....which unfortunately is the world over.
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    Europe is a continent and the US a country. Please don't be so small minded


    but week after week in the US
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    That's right, people die week after week in the U.S.! People die week after week everywhere. More people die from cancer or auto accidents than "assault rifles", so what's your point? Don't be so small minded.
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    Copying previous comments is just pathetic.

    Please dont post unless you actually have something worth while to add.

    Stop wasting peoples time
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    There was a kid in Europe who killed all those school kids 1-2 years ago in Sweden or Norway.

    Crazy is everywhere.
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    Crazy is indeed everywhere... It just occurs a lot more often in the US
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    What have you contributed? Blaming assault rifles for the deaths of human beings in a post about Apple's surprise grab bags in Japan! Furthermore, I didn't copy previous comments, but is this your reply when you clearly lack a constructive response?
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    You have copied previous comments. It is here for all to see.

    If you cant be bothered to read a thread properly then i will not take the time to respond.
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    You crack me up.
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    it's a shame such a terrible subject brings you so much joy.

    enjoy the thread. I'm done here

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