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Jaybird Bluebuds X

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by sand_man, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. sand_man, Nov 30, 2012
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    Possibly one of the most contrived projects in the history of headphones, these bluetooth wireless headphones have been almost 3 years in the making.

    Just placed my order for a pair here.

    I've used the Jaybird Freedoms for the last year or so and they've been absolutely fantastic!!

    Really looking forward to this new release from a very under rated brand!!
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    Got them and all I can say is WOW!!!! Simply superb!! They ooze class from every pore!! From the packaging to the plethora of ear-buds included in the box, to the patented sports ear cushions, pure quality!! The loss of signal outdoors that plagued the Freedoms seems to have been resolved and call quality looks to have been vastly improved too. The voice prompts are surprisingly handy and informative as is the battery level display on the iPhone status-bar. And then there is the sound quality!!! Accurate, detailed, rich and clean!!!! My only complaint is the volume, how I yearn for 3db-4db more!!! Very difficult to find fault with these headphones, they outstanding!!! I doubt I will ever don a pair of wired headphones again. The gap in performance between the 2 has been well and truly bridged. A job well done Jaybird. The Bluebuds X were well worth the wait!!!
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    I got my Bluebuds X today, having worn cable-based in-ears for four years.
    As a newbie to bluetooth headsets, the process was surprisingly simple. The headphones came halfway pre-charged, so I only had to turn them on and start pairing. A tiny LED hinted at me that these earplugs are packed with electronics, however small they are.
    The "Wow" moment came when I hit play on my phone, and the sound didn't come out of the speakers as usual, but out of this tiny device wrapped around my neck.

    The cable has a very comfortable length, the fit is good, sound quality and battery life are amazing. The earplugs stick out of my ears with about half their length - just barely comfortable under the tight fit of a motorcycle helmet. For motorcycle enthusiasts, I'd probably recommend something with a flatter end. But as an allrounder and all-day in-ear device, it's great to have.
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    Barely a month old and I've run into a bit of a snag. The control panel on my Bluebuds x is not responding, so no powering up/down (they currently on), no volume up/down, no forward/rewind tracks, no voice call activation etc etc etc

    I'm waiting for them to run out of charge. I'm hoping this might force some kind of a reset but that seems unlikely.

    I've contacted Jaybird support and eagerly await their response.:(
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    Jaybird Bluebuds X

    Hi Sand Man,

    like you I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Jaybirds B X's, but I delayed parting with the £169 until I saw some reviews. As most of the reviews were praising the earbuds, one reviewer highlighted the fact that the in-line control appears not to be sweat proof. This may be what your experiencing! Noting this I Contacted Jaybird to confirm or deny this and as yet they haven't responded and I don't believe they will. If I was you I would return them under there defects and lifetime sweat proof warranty.

    Let me know how you get on?
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    I emailed Jaybird support on the 22nd of December 2012 and got this reply on the 30th of December 2012.

    I completed the request to return on the 30th of December 2012 and am still waiting for an emailed response from Jaybird.

    Must say, the whole experience has left me some what disappointed. Was really enjoying them!!

    Including customs and shipping to my street address in Johannesburg, South Africa, these Bluebuds cost me around $280. :mad:
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    Just got this from Judd Armstrong...

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    Same problems over here bro. I can charge the set up, but the buttons don't function like before.So i wasn't the only one encountering this problem. such a hassle to make an exchange. im still waiting for their reply about my set.
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    Replacement pair on the way. :)
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    Replacement pair received. Holding thumbs they don't fail!!!!
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    currently have the freedom and will purchase these very soon. has anyone changed the tips on these? I tweeted Comply Foam tips to see what size would work and they said none of their tips will work which sucks! anyone have any luck with Comply fitting??
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    If you thought Jay Bird\'s Freedom Sprint headphones were the only pair the company had planned for release this year, think again.
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    I have heard of different people on the web being able to very carefully fit some of the Comply tips on like the Tx500.
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    Ordered the bluebuds x and should be here on Tuesday. I also got the T500 today and hope they fit. I saw some videos on YouTube and one user said they had succes with the T500 fitting. We'll see Tuesday.
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    I'm also looking at getting these Bluebuds X and using with Comply. I used to have an early pair of Freedoms and didn't like the stock silicon that it shipped with. They pulled out of my ears too easily. But I love Comply. So I'm hopping the TX500 or T500 will be just the trick.

    If anyone has any updates on using Comply Foam tips with these Jaybirds, please post.
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    Good stuff.

    The Bluebuds look great in white!!
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    thanks and yes they do! I would of bought them earlier at best buy but I wanted to wait for the white which came out last week.
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    I have the exact same thing happening to me! Have contacted support as well..

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    Not good at all.

    Let us know how that goes!!

    Took ages for my replacement pair to arrive but they did and so far they performing as they should.
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    Got my new pair last week. Gotta say these are the best bluetooth earbuds I've ever had. Sorry to hear some of you with the problems you're experiencing. I gotta believe that Jaybird will make things right.
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  24. yanki01, Feb 6, 2013
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    I returned the set i bought with only using them for 3 days because i could not get any good signal. i could not leave my iPhone 5 under the bench let alone in my pocket without music skipping. i also had a weird buzzing/hiss sound every 20-30 seconds in one speaker. the same day i shipped them i had one in the mail as a replacement which i got yesterday.

    during the time of returning them, i won a FREE pair of BlueBuds X on their facebook photo contest!!! :cool: those will be here tomorrow.

    the other pair will be returned. :D
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    It took two weeks for them to respond, but finally have a RMA number and will be sending them back tomorrow. Quote "The problem you're having sounds like a sweat issue and we have upgraded the water repelling nano protection on the headsets so I guarantee you will have no problems in the future with the replacements." I'm happy that they are going to make it right. I love these headphones when they are working as they should. Looking forward to the replacements. Is your replacement pair still working good?

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