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Jedi Knight 2 is Booty kicking.

Discussion in 'Games' started by 8thDegreeSavage, Oct 23, 2002.

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    It is a total blast..i suggest this game (JEDI KNIGHT II :JEDI OUTCAST)to anyone who has the horsepower to push it...you shouldnt need much.:D :D
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    your specs?

    Whats the specs of the machine you run it on? What kind of Monitor too? How the performace running it in OS X. FPS, load times, anything you can give me would be much appreciated. Oh and hows the single / multiplayer ??
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    867 QS
    768 Ram
    Geforce 4 MX 64 mb

    Single player is great and Multi player is amazing.

    I get an average of about 70-90 FPS

    I applied the regular Quake3 hacks to the config files.
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    Sounds cool.
    I want to get it.
    What are you guys playing it on.
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    I only have OSX on my system..i dont even have a classic folder anymore. To answer one of your earlier questions.

    Its not availible to buy yet it should be released on the 3rd of Nov...i have the GM as i beta test and whatnot for gaming companies sometimes. If Quake 3 runs well on your system and MOHAA runs well then i suggest grabbing this game...its really fun.:D
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    Can it run on a Power Mac G4 450mhz 700+ mb RAM and 10GB HD free? Please say yes!
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    Re: hhhmmm...

    you didnt mention what video card, but yes, it probably will run, as that sounds like the minimum system requirements. But, it wont run with all the details maxed at a crazy resolution.
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    its the Power Mac G4 AGP, it has a 21 inch Apple Studio Display, will it still run?
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    Re: well...

    you probably have the original Rage 128, so yes it will run, but I recommend a better card to be able to run at higher resolutrions. Most people tend to get the radeon 8500, the mac version is 200, but you can buy a PC version and flash it to mac, but it is a little dicey. You could also wait for the radeon 9000 to come to retail, or buy one off ebay.

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