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Jedi Knight II Demo OUT!!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Stike, Nov 2, 2002.

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    Inside Mac Games posted a report on Jedi Knight II. A DEMO is now available (62,7 MB). Servers are obviously busy right now, but I´ll download it soon enough!

    Get your lightsabers ready, guys!! :p :D
  2. Wes
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    Does the demo have multiplayer?
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    Cool! I'm getting it now. And those servers are MAJORLY bogged down. I'm only getting 10K on my DSL line, it's going to take over an hour! :eek:

    Oh well, it's the price I pay for gaming goodness.

  4. job
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    Cool I'll be able to run it still...

    * MacOS 9.1 or later (with virtual memory on)
    * MacOS X compatible, version 10.1 or later
    * G3 or G4 Processor at 400 MHz or faster
    * 128 MB of Memory (256 MB required for OS 9.1)
    * 4X CD-ROM (16X recommended)
    * Hard Drive, with 665 MB minimum free space
    * Hardware 3D Acceleration required (ATI Radeon/NVidia GeForce card)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, got, never played Jedi Knight I and got killed 4 times at the drop off point, basically immediately. I need to learn the key commands, but wow, very cool, love the weapon selctions and force tricks. This should be fun and a great waste of time, that I don't need.... :D


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    :( Doesnt seem so. If you click "NEW" you choose the difficulty and the game loads... and crashes/hangs during loading! On X.2.1! This is embarrassing. Wonder if I did something wrong. :(
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    Mr. Anderson

    The same thing happened to me, till I adjusted the settings to their lowest level and it worked. Then I upped a few and it still did so I played at 640x480 at medium res on polys and textures.

    Very, very cool. I might have to go out and get the whole game now, I had a lot of fun, but I'm not very good at using the force yet, that and the lightsaber. I did manage to beat it at padawan....

    D :D
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    Jedi Knight night!

    Come to PAPA!!!!
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    Yes, the same for me. Once it has run on default low settings I was able to increase the settings and it never crashed again. On 1280x1024 its cool! And the lightsaber rocks! But I cant find any OSD concerning the force features... hmm.
    Good job from Aspyr though!
  10. Wes
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    I just played it on 1024 768 and close to max settings at the graphics are great! The best part of the demo is fighting the other guy with the light saber at the end of the level.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, I've beaten it at Padawan, but the light sabre part even on jedi is kicking my ass, is there anything I'm missing here? Oh, and I powered up and found the shield and have 100 on both that and health...

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    Mr. Anderson

    I figured it out, my machine doesn't have enough power, so I can't go use the higher difficultly levels all that well because the extra men and weapons fire, etc. really slow the thing down so that I'm hitting the fire button so many times a having such a huge delay that by the time I get killed it cycles through the reload to checkpoint and then continues firing for a few seconds, ha!

    Oh well, I think I'll get this game when I get a new machine....

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    does anyone have any other links to download the demo? its goin really slow from both servers at inside mac games
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes, that would have been good to get a faster link. I'm at the Tyson Apple store now and was thinking it would be great to try the demo out on a dual ghz, but at a download of over 90 minutes, that's not going to work. Damn.

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    Hints with the demo


    This game is sweet. It is slow though. I've got a TiBook 550MHz (16MB VRAM, 512MB RAM). After I set all the graphic settings in the game to low, it runs pretty good, except for the more active parts.

    Some hints:

    (1) Switch to the light saber right away. I don't know why they have the blaster on as the default weapon. Every two-bit first person shooter game has guns. This game is cool cause you get to use a LIGHT SABER. I mean, come on, who hasn't wanted to use a light saber?

    I was dying super quick and had to switch to Padawan until I figured out the light saber thing (quickest way to switch is to use a mouse scroll wheel). With the light saber, as long as you are mostly facing the direction of blaster fire, you will automatically deflect the fire jedi-style. The bad guys own blasts will kill them eventually. I was able to win the demo no problem on hard setting with just the light saber. Plus, did I mention that you get to use a LIGHT SABER?!. You can also kill people by using the jedi push power and shove them off the walkway (might take a couple pushes). To kill that droid thing, I just throw the saber. works like a charm.

    (2) To get in the first locked door, you need the key, and then look right at the control pad and hit 'E'. I may be stupid, but I sat ther for like then minutes trying to use 'enter' and do it.

    (3) To get in the last area behind the force field, you need to deactivate the power, which is on the second level of the generator complex thingy. It took me awhile to figure this out too.

    (4) Secret area (spoiler): on first level of generator thingy, you jump up some horizontal things.

    I hope that helps some people avoid some pitfalls I ran into.
  16. job
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    How long is the demo in terms of time spent to finish it? (On any difficulty level.)
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    I must be doing something wrong, I have a G4 500 agp with a Radeon 8500, and get horrrible performance, with the FPS shown on screen i saw it get as low as 3 fps. With Quake 3 i never went below 40 fps, and Jedi Outcast barely goes above 20. The first outdoor scene is about 14 fps, and very hard to play. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this game poorly optimized for OSX? Ill try it on OS9 to see.
  18. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Hints with the demo

    Ha, where is this? In one of the side coves?

    I'm going back to do the all light sabre version!

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    Me too... horrible frame rate. I think my 533 is showing her age.
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    frame rate

    I didn't actually check the frame rate, but I basically set everything to the lowest graphic setting, which was a bit embarrasing I have to say -- but then the game plays much better. Only time I had problems was when fighting the two other dudes with light sabers at once.

    Speaking of which, I think there are some hints on the web about how to duel with a light saber, but I have no idea, I just kept moving and clicking. Or, alternatively, if you are only fighting one, you will defend almost every shot if you don't click at all. Then I suppose you could try to take him out right after he attacks...or something like that.

    To answer the two above questions:
    1) You can go through the demo in less then an hour, but it'll probably take about 3 to learn how to do everything if you have never played before.

    2) Yeah, the secret area is in one of those side things. The one with the big horizontal glowing things.
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    It was playable on my ibook700 with 640mb RAM. Too bad the level is so short.

    I might have to pick this game up if I get a new tower after macworld.
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    Mr. Anderson

    So I've managed to beat the first two levels - and you're right, lightsabres are the best - it was much more fun learning how to do it that way than using blasters.

    But on the Jedi Knight level, ouch, those two Sith or what ever are a pain, got my ass handed to me. Any hints?

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    "Use the force, duke!" :D ;) I always wanted to say that ;)

    Using the "Speed" Force could help, you are faster than your opponents. Becomes difficult to control though. Give it a try.
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    Also, something that is a little cheap, throw a thermal detinator at the guy that is just standing in the middle of the room when you come in. It won't kill him, but it'll take his energy down a bit. You can only do this once, then they start using the push force to throw them back at you.

    This is a sweet game. I'm considering buying it.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, its already hard to control, but I'll try it on jedi level first and see how it works. Two really is difficult. Any one done it Jedi Master?


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