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Jefhatfield's First Post

Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by arn, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Staff Member

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    When did Macrumors start actually?
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    1Ghz Powermac at Macworld? those were the days....
  4. job
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    ah the nostalgia....
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    So arn, is this going to be a regular feature on the Old Skool members?
  6. arn
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    nah... you guys can search the archives too... you can find some interesting stuff from a year ago.

    Macrumor started in Feb 2000... but the previous comment system was pretty primitive.... it wasn't until 2001 when the forums were put up. At that time, I moved everyone over from the old system to vBulletin.

    That's why there are a bunch of members with the same join date.

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    Ahh, so that's why a lot of the older members were registered on April 2001. Thanx arn. :)
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    ahhhh the good ol days of when osx was still in 10.0
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    Mr. Anderson

    ha, that's a trip - I was actually thinking of going back and looking at all the top posters first post last week! You beat me too it :(

    Its pretty simple, just select the profile of the member, then when the new window pops up, select 'view all posts by this member' in the top right of the window and then go to the last page.

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    Mr. Anderson

  11. arn
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    ah... I see, two can play at this game...

    Oddly, the first post I can find from your is in January of 2002. Yet you registered in November of the previous year?

    Dukestreet's first post? (11303)
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    Dammit arn, you beat me to it. :D
  13. arn
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    Staff Member

    What's amusing is that you actually felt strongly enough about your Favorite Songs to register in order to post a list: :)

    edvniow's 1st
  14. job
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    Ha! hitman's 1st!

    As you can guess arn, I'm pretty passionate about my music. My second was on religion.:)
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    Look at the end of it. Peace? That's the first I've ever seen Alpha use that word. :p
  17. job
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    heh, yeah, no kidding.

    i think hell froze over when he wrote that. :D
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    These are a trip...seeing usernames I haven't seen in a long time...definitely old school...

    I like that "rumorbomb" comment in duke's post...I think I'll bust that one out around the next MW.;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, I registered in November, but it took me a while to get around to posting, lurking and watching. I was getting married in December and had a ton of freelance going at the time, so I really didn't have much time available.

    Ah, yes the '100 Mega Ton Rumor Bomb' - I liked that - and it was appropriate, I still don't get Apple's whole hyping the rumors thing, it was very weird - I wonder if they'll ever do that again.

    D :D
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    Wow, I went back and looked at my first few, and man, that was a while ago. At least it seems like it.

    Crazy really.
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    he he he...I'm loving it! :D

    however...I'm feeling lazy today...anyone wanna fine my first post?? ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, here are two more


    and of course


    pretty tame - who'd have known -

    and eye, your's has already been done....

    b2tm - you didn't share?

    he come's in swinging....
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    B2TM sure didn't waste any time.;)

    I was pretty new to the whole threaded discussion phenomenon last year when I registered, besides, it's not like you can get real upset about a case for your laptop.

    Now, jello, on the other hand...you mean he can write in complete sentences? That's a trip. He didn't say "word" either.;) :p
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    yes, friend, i can speak in complete sentences. i can also say the alphabet, count up to 100 (that's as high as i go), and hop on one foot. i play nice with others, until they are gone and i am able to judge freely.

    thank you for your time, and have a nice day.


    i hate you all :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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