Mobile OSs Jelly Bean ROM's for Int SGS S3 i9300

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  1. RMXO, Jul 29, 2012
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    Here are links to the S3 i9300 JB ROM's that I've tested & which one's I'm currently using. Don't install these if you don't know what you're doing, these are only for folks that know what they are doing & want to use bleeding edge ROM's. Once the ROM becomes stable, I will let you know.

    Since these ROM's are compiled from CM10 sources, they don't support ExFAT microSD cards. If you are using a 64GB ExFat microSD card like I am, use "Mini Tool Partition for Home Edition (Windows)" or Linux G-Parted to format your microSD to FAT32. I use Linux or Windows to format my microSD cards.

    Faryaab's JB AOSP

    DL link for Build 2:

    Here's a JB AOSP ROM for the Int S3 i9300 from Faryaab. I was switching between his ICS AOKP & another dev's ICS Omega ROM before switching to alpha daily drivers (able to use everyday) JB ROM's.

    This is AOSP, so pure Google experience w/o any addons/mods built-in



    Paranoid's Alpha JB ROM (this is a port of his Galaxy Nexus ROM)

    read all about the ROM at:

    download links at:

    You want to DL his current 1.9.3.alpha.x.30072012 build

    This is currently my favorite ROM because it has the hybrid option of using Phone or Tablet UI. You can switch the UI into either phone, tablet or mixture of both UI's.

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    Thanks for being the guinnea pig. But you also need to tell us if you are on the int'l version or north american version. And if north american what carrier is it for. Att and rogers are usually the same.
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    Opps, fixed in title & body.

    It's for the Int S3 i9300 model.

    YW & currently working out some kinks with the dev.
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    Tell us of any bugs. I'm very interested.
  5. RMXO, Jul 29, 2012
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    Google Search FC's & unable to download paid apps from the Google Play Store are the current bugs. Dev is looking into those issues, but everything else is looking pretty good.

    EDIT: Add links to Paranoid's Alpha JB build
  6. RMXO, Jul 30, 2012
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    Here are screenshots of my hoemscreen to Paranoid's Alpha JB Rom.

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    Here are screen shoots of "About Phone" within Settings & last two shoots are of the "Hybrid phone & tablet UI" configuration within Settings.

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    What about phone calls and WIFI, GPS and BT? Do they all work?

    Looks pretty great. Do you think in a months time they will be fully stable ROMS?

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    All of those work already, the only issues currently are fm radio and wifi tethering.

    I'd say it's stable enough in a month.
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    All of those functions that you have listed do infact work & these ROM's can be considered "daily drivers", which means you can use daily.

    I would suggest trying out Paranoids since that is what I'm using. Faryaab's ROM is pure AOSP as in pure google experience without any added mods or utility.

    Faryaab is planning on releasing a SuperNexus ROM in the near future which will be AOSP & added mods/utility.

    I would say give it at least a month or more.

    I would recommend reading their XDA threads for news on the development of the ROM.

    In the future, I will add & remove ROM's to the list. The ROM's that are listed have been personally tested by me. I'm not a tester for any of the dev's but I'm a flash addict & I enjoying trying out new ROM's.

    Since, you can do a nandroid (backup) with CWM/R (clockwork recovery), you can always go back to your ROM of choice after testing out new stuff.
  11. Sensamic, Aug 4, 2012
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    Sammobile Twitter says JB coming end of this month or beginning next month to the SGS3.

    I believe cause Samsung will want is flagship phone updated to JB before or by the time the iPhone 5 comes out to take sales away from it.

    AOKP JB ROM also available, which is one of my favourites because it adds the navigation bar.

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