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    What ever happened to Jhymn? I need to use some of my music purchased on the iTunes store for a little video I'm editing.

    And please don't lecture me about EULA or DRM, they're home videos.

    I know one can burn CDs and re-rip them, but that results in quality loss during conversion. Are there any Jhymn replacements?
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    JHymn still works, as long as you haven't upgraded to iTunes 6 or bought anything in iTunes 6 yet. Otherwise, Apple has changed the authentication routines. And as far as I'm aware, there's no other DRM-breaking solution for iTMS tracks.
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    yeah, they've said that they've been working on it for a while, but i don't really see it happening for a long time still, if ever if they haven't cracked it by now.
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    That's what I'm worried about.
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    In truth, if you burn to CD and re-rip as high bitrate MP3 (or AIFF), there will not be a noticeable change in quality. I've done it many times.
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    agreed. shouldn't be a problem if it's for a home video - or is this a broadcast-quality home video? ;)
  7. TMA
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    If you use the following process there shouldn't be any loss in quality (compared to the original download)

    AAC > burned to CD > ripped in AIFF

    The AIFF's will use a lot of space, and not really suitable for iPods (they will drain the iPods battery 10 times as fast)
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    Well.... the higher the quality the better. I can be picky;).

    TMA and others- thanks, but i'm looking for a... i guess one might say sustainable solution. I don't like burning up blanks every time I want to use an audio file. I'm really just looking for a software solution, and was wondering if Jhymn has been updated without my knowledge.
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    You could use CD-RWs.
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    To build off of this, you wipe the CD-RW in Disk Utility, click burn in iTunes, and it will burn to the CD-RW like it where a normal CD. Which it is. Then open the CD up in the Finder and drag your songs into iTunes. This will keep the songs in the AIFF format.

    Lather, rinse, repeat up to 1000 times (life-span of CD-RW under ideal circumstances)
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    But then you have duplicates in iTunes do you not? One of the original file, then one of the new AIFF format.

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