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JiveTalk Instant Messanger for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 9, 2007.

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    BeeJive.com has released their web based instant messanging client for the iPhone at iphone.beejive.com.
    Overall expereience with the iPhone designed client has been very positive. JiveTalk allows you to connect to multiple instant messaging networks simultaneously, including AIM (iChat), Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

    Article Link
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    Doesn't seem to be loading the page referenced?? cannot find server...
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    works for me
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    works for me too..tho with all these IM sites popping up for the iphone ...i'm weary of just putting my account info in the hands of random sites! Oh well on the other hand it works well so :D
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    Ahhh works on edge, not through my wifi at work, maybe the port is being blocked...
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    This is very cool, I've been using it all day. Unfortunately, it sounds like you'll have to pay something to use it when it's out of the testing phase. :/
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    Mmmmmm..... IMey goodness on the iphone

    Works great !
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    Video IChat

    I wondering if apple will consider placing a camera on the face of the iphone and incorporate mobile video iChat. How cool would that be!!??:eek::):confused::D
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    after you create a message and send it, how do you get back to the buddy list?
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    The home button ... not on the iPhone but on the screen
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    This is one of the better IM solutions for iPhone yet.
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    Works on my wifi at work where aim is blocked, or so I think...
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    Work cinfirned port is blocked.... :(

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    Works great for me. Rather fast too.
    Just a couple of issues or questions...

    1) Is there any way to show up as a mobile device to my buddies?
    2) Is there any way to hide offline contacts?
    3) Will I get a vibrate or sound notification if I get an IM and my phone is on standby?
    4) How do I put up an away message?
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    works great. But talk about battery drain! I can actually see the battery meter empty itself.
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    very good styling, matches the iphone perfectly!

    just needs a few extra settings and it will easily be the best iphone messenger service!

    im amazed at how quickly people are developing these apps, nothing like this has been developed for any other web 2.0 phone apps.
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    they charge $20 for the blackberry version.
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    It was too slow for me. Ashame cuz it was nice, but it just took to long to do anything.

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