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Jobless Claims for Benefits Reach a High Set in 1983

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Jul 12, 2003.

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    Why am I not surprised? Corporate profitability has been on a downhill slide for decades.

    Once the rest of the developed world started rebuilding its manufacturing infrastructure after WW II, and other previously-undeveloped countries started building their own (India, China, e.g.), our position of supremacy came to jeopardy.

    IMO, it doesn't matter what any administration does, or what Congress does: It's gonna get a good bit worse before it gets better...

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    I just got a new job.

    Of course, four people including the President and VP were laid off to create the one new job in the wake, but I still got a salaried job. Oh, I guess that's why the unemployment is so high.

    - 4 +1 = -3 new jobs

    or you could use Bushaccounting, which would give you:

    (-4)-1 = 4 new jobs -- yay for tax cuts!!
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    My new job pays 60% of what my old one did. My pay cut makes up for my smaller tax cut.
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    notice a pattern here?

    hmmmm, jobless rate highest since 1983.....

    so who was in office then?

    reagan and poppa bush.

    just another coincidence i'm sure.:rolleyes:
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    That does not include all the other people who are ineligible for unemployment benefits. It's starting to look like the 1970s.
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    Were you alive in the 1970s?
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    bousozoku was born in 1959, and you?
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    Let's just say I'm old enought to remember when CDs weren't used to store data and they were paying as high as 13 -14 percent. Interest rates and inflation make today look very much unlike the 1970s. Perhaps someone has forgotten in his old age! ;)
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    I think you don't remember the gas rationing, the constant manfacturing layoffs (esp. auto companies), and all the people on welfare.
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    Is there gas rationing today? (no) Are welfare rolls down? (yes). Are auto companies laying off massive numbers? (not sure). It's looking less and less like the 1970s.
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    Hooray! We don't have feathered hair! 2.5 million jobs lost in 2 years is OK!
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    Electric disco and wide ties.
    Frightening. :eek:
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    The economists were ecpecting this. With all of the news that the economy is finally ready to turn around, there will be a rush of unemployed filing.

    Remember, this is a statistic, and as bousozoku mentions, it counts neither those ineligible, or not looking.

    So try to take this statistic with a tempered view.
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    IJ Reilly

    The economic problems we have now are nothing like the '70s, but they are no less serious on account of that.

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