Jobs preferred over Gates for Dinner

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by slackersonly, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Warren Buffett Still The Most Popular Chief Among Executives
    Survey reveals that a majority of executives would want to have dinner with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO. Apple’s Steve Jobs voted second most popular.

    Steve Jobs, the relentless and creative mind behind Apples’ success, took second place with 23% of the votes, edging out Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who garnered 21% of the executive vote. Apple’s success over the past few years has come from tremendous sales of its iPod, a device many cannot live without.


    <didnt know where to post. move if needed>
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    Um... WOO HOO I guess?
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    Hee hee, have lunch at a buffet with Warren Buffet...
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    I dont know you could be "steved".:)

    BTW: in case you didnt know that's what apple employees used to call being fired.
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    frankly, i'd prefer gates over jobs. for all his riches, he seems more down to earth compared to jobs who is apparently a pompous, tempermental, perfectionist jerk.
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    Quick take it back, before someone here reads your post!:eek:
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    You're here. I'm here. Everyone here is someone here. He's someone here.

    But I get the gist of your point, that's playing with fire, that is.
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    Yeah, I hate those pompous, tempermental, perfectionist jerk types. They only add to the sewer that is society, and they don't fear God.
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    After G

    Too late, already read it. :D

    I wouldn't mind talking to either of them though. As much as you hate his OS, Bill Gates is very philanthropic. And Steve, well, who wouldn't want to ask about Apple related stuff with him?
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    Id rather gates, how can one eat with a man who wont eat a quality steak.

    I have no real personal qualms with vegans like Jobs, I too like animals. Unfortunately I prefer mine medium rare
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    This thread could actually be a lot more amusing if you viewed it in a slightly different way...

    I'd personally prefer Gates. More meat to him, I should think. Jobs is too thin to have for a proper meal like dinner, perhaps more a breakfast.
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    Well... you want interesting dinner guests. Pompous, temperamental, perfectionist jerks usually have the best stories.
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    My thought exactly. Too lean, too chewy.
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    IJ Reilly

    Gates used to be notorious for his temper-tantrums, though I doubt he throws many at the dinner table (you'd have to ask Melinda).

    Bill Gates would be a lot easier to feed. A Diet Coke and bag of Fritos should do it. With all of his dull theories about the future of technology, he'd also be the better choice as dinner guest if you were having any kind of sleeping problem. By dessert, your guests would be having a difficult time keeping their faces out of their plates.
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    Your desserts are that good? I must invite myself for dinner. With or without those boring CEOs.
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    IJ Reilly

    By all means. We do take pride in suffocating our dinner guests.
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    Mmmmm...tastes like chicken, put a little red sauce and with a nice glass of chianti perhaps?
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    Your right Gates is so cute and fuzzy, like a Vorpal Bunny!

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