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Job's Salary...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by NavyIntel007, Aug 13, 2003.

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    I read an article on Macnn that said Steve gets paid around $219 Million. Now, what does one do with that amount of money? Does he really have the time to enjoy all that money?

    Does anyone think that if Steve used $100 Million of his salary and gave it to R&D and advertising the higher profits achieved would make Apple's stock price rise enough so perhaps he would make $100 Million more in the market?

    I know all the things he's done for Apple and how he brought them back but surely half of his salary could do wonders for the company. At what point, as an executive, should you invest in the future of the company and not yourself?
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    Powerbook G5

    Is that a confirmed fact, though?
  3. TEG
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    To my knowledge, Steve is Paid $1 in Salary by Apple. Any other money is Bonuses, due to high sales, great products, etc.
    Plus he gets a full sallary from Pixar, and has a huge stock portfolio with a lots of Dividends.

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    Well, i think that's what it comes out to be, but his actual salary is $1. At least it was for a long time. The man has his fingers in lots of pies, and Apple pays for everything for him... There was a thread on this a while ago, but i say, if he makes that much money... more power to him. He's had an interesting life to say the least, and he's taken a lot of risks to get where he is now. That deserves rewarding, it's the rule of capitalism. So basically, he could cash it out and lay around naked on a big pile of money, for all i care...

    and no, this doesn't apply to people worth over a billion dollars.

  5. Gus
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    He does officially make $1 in salary, but wih his stock options and his GulfStream Jet (with pilot salaries too, of course), he comes out pretty far ahead.

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    Powerbook G5

    Sounds like a sweet deal to me. :)
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    If I made that kind of money, I would have my own space program. I would be walking on the moon in 10 years. :)

    What would you guys do with Steve's Salary?
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    Re: Job's Salary...

    Well, I remember those dark years when Steve wasn't at Apple -- beige boxes, anemic chips, a stunted attempt at OS licensing -- it wasn't pretty.

    If Steve wanted to suck money out of Apple with a neo-L'Etat?-C'Est-moi attitude, it's not clear to me that we'd have a whole to complain about. He tried turning over the bridge to No. 1. All we got was a decaying orbit.

    In fact, I think that Steve loves Apple Computer much more like a child than like a money-making machine. Is he going to suck it dry and leave us the husk? Not if he can help it -- but I have yet to see signs that there's someone who can really take over the chocolate factory after Mr. Wonka is gone.
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    Among my top five would be to set up a fund to financially help escaped North Koreans. Just a thing of mine.
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    Powerbook G5

    I'd have a huge garage with lots of cars and a huge room with lots of Macs! :D
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    I just finished reading the Second Coming of Steve Jobs, which was quite enlightening about stuff like this. He does only make $1 in actual salary, only to keep the health care that Apple provides, but he did accept a huge amount of stock and the jet (and they even paid for the taxes on the jet, etc), so he certainly made money on it.

    What I thought was interesting was how he handled Pixar, which the book goes into in depth. He kept the VAST majority of the Pixar stock instead of spreading the wealth with all of the employees.

    The man is a visionary, but that book certainly paints him as a class A jerk as well.

    Anyway, it's an interesting read!


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    Shoot I'd buy the whole damn country!
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    Man -- tough crowd where you have to choose between being an anal-expulsive compulsive giver or being a class A jerk! So he kept the Pixar stock -- big deal. You could make a strong argument that before Finding Nemo, Pixar stock was very risky and a questionable gift....
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    Powerbook G5

    Well, nobody is as clean as Ned Flanders...even Walt Disney had a few skeletons in his closet.
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    i'd buy and run a mlb baseball team... maybe not buy it but buy enough of one to have a controlling interest...

    or go to vegas and play high stakes texas hold'em. :D
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    With that much money.... hmmm...

    1983 Delorean D1 (aka back to the future car).
    760i BMW
    A huge sail boat (with a dock in NC and FL, see below)
    My own building at U of Miami
    Box seats for UM games
    Gulfstream baby!!!
    Penthouse condo on south beach
    Mountain home done in a log cabin manner in North Carolina (ala Frank Lloyd Wright)
    both with all the fixings
    "Speakers so loud they blow women's clothes off"


    A chic-fil-A and a smoothie king
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    Powerbook G5

    Sounds good to me, but alas, I will never have that kind of money.
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    Yeah, you're right. Maybe just the delorean and a smoothie king.
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    BMW M3
    lots of munch 'ems
    new watch
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    Well... when he took Pixar public after Toy Story, there were people who had been working there 20 years, since before George Lucas owned it, who got the big shaft. The Pixar stock took him to billionaire status within months of IPOing... anyway, that isn't necessarily why I think he's a jerk.

    I think he just happens to treat people like crap. Of course, I've never met the man, so I can't really make any claims about his personality firsthand. Although, after reading that book, I don't WANT to meet him.

    This doesn't in any way change my opinion of Macs being great, or Jobs saving Apple or any of that.


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    Powerbook G5

    I'd love a DeLorean DMC-12...someone at my school has one and I drool whenever I see it. :)
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    well id build a huge house like bill gates's home but larger more advanced with clean lines.. and coolness all over! . OFCOURSE run by Xserves and such..

    id also start a Render Farm Company.. based on new g5 Xserves..

    or build the worlds fastest super computer based on new g5 xserves.. that is 10 times faster then the fastest current.


    i also want a MClaren F1

    maybe start a CatScan or some specialty scanning lab.. that runs cheap.. for the public
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    Powerbook G5

    Mmm...G5 XServe RAID in my closet... :D
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    I could give almost every person in the US 1 dollar. Or I could just keep it and be one rich mo-fo.

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