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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by teabgs, Mar 20, 2004.

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    Alright I joined......
    looks like I am the only one so far though.
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    yup. It's just the two of us right now. Maybe I should have posted this in community forums? But others will come...and I'm gonna add it to my sig later.

    now you gotta listen to some music....right now all the info is from me :D

    ...maybe you are listening to some music though...the submissions queue can take some time if there is a lot of traffic. it's been delayed by about an hour give or take all day today.
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    ok im on a PC and im using iTunes for the PC... wheres the windows iTunes plugin?!
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    I'm in. :cool:
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    I post here only sparatically, but I decided to join anyway. Huaah.
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    Nice one. I just joined.
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    im joinging in a few. this should be cool once a lot of people join.
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    I'm there!

    How long until it starts registering the songs you've listened to?

    Does it only count ones you've listened to once you've loaded the program, or all your playcounts?
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    it only does it once you've installed the program.

    as for it getting your info up, from their webpage: " Submission Queue Length: 57988 songs "

    So....get in line. they'll show up eventually. the submission queue is located on the bottom left.
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    OK, I joined also. It's probably going to be days until my statistics impact the group, though, judging from the 60000+ pending entries... :)
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    Seems they solved their problems -- the songs register rather quickly now. Everybody join :)
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    Laslo Panaflex

    I joined, be warned, I listen to music all day long, it might throw off stats, oh well.
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    So do I. They had tons of issues for months where submissions were off, data kept getting lost, etc. but they finally have the kinks out, which is nice.

    As long as I'm not out somewhere freelancing or in class I'm usually home working/listening to music. the point is that when there are enough members this will get balanced out.

    Happy listening!
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    any way to get rid of the music icon on the toolbar?
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    I totally forgot about his plugin, and haven't used it in awhile. Just joined the Macrumors group.
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    I don't mind that, but I hate the mounted disk on the desktop. I like to have three icons on the desktop, harddrive, iPod, external drive. Desktop clutter really annoys me.

    By the Way, You should also check out, they actually monitor the playcount of every song, not just what you play while you are using your home computer. This way you can also tell what your total playcount is including iPod and home computer usage and compare with other users. Very Cool Indeed, and it works better than iTunes
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    toolbar icon pissed me off...

    tried out musicmobs... seem neat but not nearly as good as which has more info and graphs about your stuff
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    ...MusicMobs: cool options such as choose cover art of your favorite album as your user icon, great links to iTunes Library (not on the registry...) and much faster and easier upload times. Nice with exceptional graphs and user info, no links to iTunes,but worst of all, I cannot upload my library without the 60second timeout. The zipped library doesn't seem to upload all the right information...
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    I like both for different reasons. To make a long story short, MusicMobs is better at learning about other people's music while iTunesRegistry is better at learning about my own music. BTW, it is much easier to upload to either site with Firefox instead of Safari.
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    I'm in! :)

    Once more users/stats show up it'll be interesting to see what trends emerge...right now Coco Rosie is dominating the charts...not sure what that means. :p
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    I think it means someone set that album to repeat all night long. ;)
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    iTunes windows plugin Beta has been released. SO, if you are waiting for that go check it out. here's the forum for it to discuss how it's working and help with it's development:
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    iTunes eats up system resources faster than DivX encoding.
    If you could get a plugin for winamp 5 i'd be in.

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