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Jonathan ("Jony" ) Ive Hates Me

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by A4Fiend, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Well folks I never thought it would end like this. After happily owning four iphones in a row (3 3g 4 5 ) and one ipad the iOS7 UI is going to make me walk away from Apple.

    Some things I've wrestled with --

    • Radical changes / Fewer customization options.
    • "iDevice barbie" colors
    • Over-simplified
    • Flat
    • Solutions to non-existent probs

    "Jony" has six months to fix this. Well, I hope I last that long. I was really excited about the 64 bit world too, but I just can't take this.
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    I mean there were a few other threads which also shared your same view, not sure opening 1 more made a difference. I went back to iOS6 after testing all beta's upto GM. iOS7 needs JB desperately.

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    Bye. Go to android/windows for a few months and find out it isn't as polished or refined as iOS and come back in a few months :)
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    Don't let the door hit you in the azz on your way out. [​IMG]
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    cheerio. get a life you utterly spoilt brat.
    try living in a cardboard box one night..
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    I went this road a few months back. Big waste of money and ended up back on iOS. Good luck with your endeavors .:apple:
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    Peace out!! Judging from the responses you are getting.....well you already know.
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    Welcome to the post-SJ Apple, commanded now by the former COO Tim Cook. iOS7 is effectively a train wreck, a disaster of an OS, as can be seen by the thousands of threads against it - time to bring back Mike Markkula.
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    Keep talking to me dude. :) there's a reason I've been all Apple since '08 but this UI --:( I know its pathetic but I've even taken to emailing some of my favorite developers (like tapbots ) begging them no to conform to this, this, uh.. I didn't realize how much the appearance of iOS contributed to my overall satisfaction.. I mean, why make a LESS sophisticated UI?

    The poor phone app..man.. :( :(
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    Haven't you left yet?
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    I'm not going to say the entire OS is bad. The new features and speed is great! I'm apparently WAY more superficial than I thought I was. Maybe its just a personal problem.... :-/
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    His A4 processor is still processing what leaving means.
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    Not yet.. maybe the shock will wear off but *whew!* man....
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    Since you know that Ives hates you, I must infer that you know him well. And since you have given him an ultimatum (he "has six months to fix this"), I'm equally sure that he is, as we speak, fixing all the things that you assert, beyond all doubt or discussion, are wrong.

    I think I can speak for all of us here when I say that we will all miss you terribly.

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    You better leave or you will get slapped by someone for calling iOS 7 those things.
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    What I'm struggling with is the UI, not the entire OS. The new features and speed are first class.
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    You should buy an android device to realise how good, smooth and reliable ios is (ios6/7). I exchanged my iphone 5 for a galaxy s4 two months ago and i hate it. Lag everywhere, vomiting plastic feel. Octa core my as$. Going back to iphone in january 2014.
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    It leads me to wonder....if one has to "struggle" with accepting some pictures on a phone...what would one do if confronted with a real and significant challenge.
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    As you can see op, the "in crowd" has zero tolerance for your taking the time to express your views of the new iOS. Apparently, your taking the time to do this is a total waste of time since they the "in crowd' intelligentsia are in sync with Mr. Ives' inside joke of which we the unwashed are absolutely clueless. Shame on us for expressing a negative view while we obviously should be out there serving the helpless of the world every waking moment. :confused:
  21. Shrink, Sep 22, 2013
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    I might suggest that it is not the expression of negative views that has drawn a negative response...but rather how those views were expressed.

    How we say things is often as important, and at time more important, than what we say.

    Communication is more than pure content...:)

    And for the music lovers...

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    ok... whats the point of this thread?
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    Maybe I'm the achetypical user that likes 3d buttons, metallic textures, etc. This is going to sound super dorky but I even miss the silver slider button on the "slide to uinlock" widget. I just don't get was wrong with the whole skeuomorphic (excuse spelling ) approach. Sure the game center felt was overkill but my notepad?? and what happened to my moicrophone and vol meter on my voice recorder?? I feel like someone broke into my house and took all my coolest stuff.

    "Its only been two days.. Its only been two days.. "

    But your orig point is a good one.... I honestly am never psyched about change. :-/


    Catharsis? Getting a sense of what my fellow enthusiasts think?


    Also sorry if my first post was a little obtuse.. I'm just having a rough weekend y'all....


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    It's not going to change so you should prob leave now. Get a head start on those six months.
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    Most people on this forum have no artistic sense or feelings, so you're basically talking to a brick wall.

    I feel your pain though. :D

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