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Jony Ive's Design Video for the Twentieth Anniversary Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 16, 2012.

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    OS X Daily points us to the launch video for the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh featuring a much younger and less-polished Jony Ive, complete with hair and British accent.
    Jony Ive was recently promoted and put in charge of all Human Interface teams at Apple, in addition to his existing role as head of Industrial Design.

    Article Link: Jony Ive's Design Video for the Twentieth Anniversary Mac
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    The TAM was one cool computer. I had bought one from eBay, but eventually got rid of it because the CD drive didn't work.
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    That was really an amazing design for its time. Nice video.
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    The TAM was way too ahead of its time (which is mirrored in the price tag).
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    That thing cost the same amount as my first car. Wow.
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    Would look better without the chin... ;) SCNR
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    Wait… Did I see a BOSE logo on that subwoofer????

    I'd like for Apple and BOSE to work together again and make some incredible laptop and desktop speakers. And I know they won't be the first (look to HP and Beats, but really, they are Beats, c'mon), but they will be one of the best.
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    Friend still has his 20th Anniversary. $10,000 and a guy in a tux delivered it in a limo and set it up for you. Pretty crazy.
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    BOSE is all name.... their products are so-so.

    There is a reason why they never publish their specs on their speakers... because they aren't that great.
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    Ya, but amazing how far Apple and Jony have come still!
  11. HMI
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    It almost looks as if it was actually made in the USA. Good times!
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    I've got a small Bose system on my computer desk, and it sounds incredible.
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    Let's all remember that there was no computer with that level of design at the time.
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    There's one of these for sale at Micro Anvika on Tottenham Court Road (London) in some kind of insolvency sale.
  15. HMI
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    How much do they think it is worth now?
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    Jony Ive had hair? :D
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    What amazes me most is how little has changed about Ive and his design philosophy. Almost everything he said in that video could apply to his approach to the new iMac or iPhone as well. The man is certainly consistent.
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    Although Bose makes decent speakers once in awhile, they are perhaps the most overrated consumer electronics company in the world. You can get much better speakers for less money. There's this running joke that audiophiles use to describe Bose: "No Highs? No Lows? Must be Bose!"
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    What strikes me is in fact, how similar this video seems to current Mac ads, and how Ive hasn't changed at all.

    As a result, seeing this makes me feel even more that the Mac product launch videos have become very stale and cliche.
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    Only because you haven't heard better speakers that cost less.
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    As they say "No highs? No lows? Must be Bose!"
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    That cost more than ALL of my cars (Austin Mini, MG Midget, MGB, Renault 5 GT Turbo, Peugeot 405, Peugeot 406 and another 406).

    Oh, except for the Caterham 7 SV Roadsport 150 :D
  23. HMI
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    It reminds me of those thin vertical CD players that some people hung on their bathroom shower heads a long time ago. I wonder if that was his inspiration.
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    I'll still tap him
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    Price is relative to the time. One of the first computers I got to work on cost literally $12 million dollars. No kidding.

    I spent many nights for hours in front of that double tube console. It still has features not present in small PC's and Macs
    You can see the console with some of the CPU in the background, disks and tape units and printers would be to the operator's back.

    At the time $10K was a lot for a personal desktop machine but "cheap" for a "real computer".

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